System Requirements:
1 Ghz Windows PC with XP or Vista, 650MB available hard disc space, a 32MB 3D Video Card and one available USB port.
1 Ghz Mac with OS X 10.3 or later, 650MB available hard disc space and one available USB port.
Published by: Digital Praise
Multiplayer: 2 players
Pros: 25 more songs for Guitar Praise, good song selection
Cons: Can\'t think of any unless you don\'t like the song list

Thanks to Digital Praise for giving us this game to review! 

Digital Praise has released their first expansion pack for their hit Christian rock music game, Guitar Praise. The expansion pack includes twenty five songs from many popular Christian bands including tobyMac, Newsboys, Kutless, and even the 80\'s Christian metal band, Stryper. The song selection is pretty good and is bound to have something to be liked and recognized by everyone. I was a little surprised to see a pop song from ZOEgirl make the list, but it does add variety. I liked the addition of Dive and the Lincoln Brewster rendition of Majestic is pretty good too.

Here\'s the full song list:

tobyMac – Made to Love, Boomin’, Extreme Days, Gone, One World
Newsboys – Wherever We Go, Secret Kingdom, I am Free, Rescue, The Way We Roll
Kutless – Shut Me Out, Your Touch
Pillar – Frontline
Stryper – To Hell with the Devil
Thousand Foot Krutch – Phenomenon
Audio Adrenaline – DC-10
Casting Crowns – What This World Needs
Relient K – Wake Up Call
Sanctus Real – Everything About You
Jeremy Camp – Take You Back
Hawk Nelson – Things We Go Through
Chris Tomlin – Indescribable
Lincoln Brewster – Majestic
Steven Curtis Chapman – Dive
ZOEgirl - Plain

Installation was a breeze; you just have to point the installer to your install directory for Guitar Praise and the rest is history. When you launch the game you\'ll see a couple off new options in your song set list. You can play all songs, songs from Guitar Praise, or songs from the expansion pack.

Just like in the original game, you see song sets consisting of five songs. In order to access the next song set, you have to complete at least three out of five of the songs. Make sure you\'re playing under a profile that you created or your progress will not be saved!

The song notes are well placed and fun to play. I typically played at the medium difficulty and it included the 5th button (orange) at times and even had some three button combos. Veteran Guitar Gamers will be challenged on the harder difficulties for sure.

There is support for two players as long as you have Guitar Praise brand guitars. You can\'t use Playstation compatible guitars unfortunately.

The graphics are pretty much the same and they do the job nicely. I didn\'t notice any new backdrops added.

This game is all about music and it will not disappoint in that area. The guitar can be a little overpowering at times but you can adjust the guitar and music volume to your liking.

All in all this is a great expansion pack with a reasonable price of $19.95 from Digital Praise. It can be had cheaper on  Amazon for $13.50 I recommend it for anyone looking to add to their Guitar Praise music library. The online high score charts are still there and my name is on them, waiting to be beaten.

Game Play 20/20
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
Interface 3/5
Controls 5/5
Game Score: 43/50
Appropriateness 50/50

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