System Requirements
Windows VISTA/XP/2000
* 1 GHz Pentium 3
* 300 MB available hard disk space
* 512 MB RAM
* Supported T&L capable video card with at least 32 MB of video RAM
* 8X CD-ROM drive
* Direct sound 9.0 compatible sound card
* Speakers or headphones
* USB compatible dance pad (included)
Mac OS:
Mac OS X v10.2 or later
* 1 GHz G3
* 300 MB available hard disk space
* 512 MB RAM
* 8X CD-ROM drive
* 32 MB Video RAM
* Speakers or headphones
* USB compatible dance pad (not included)

Thanks to Digital Praise for giving us this game to review!

Contemporary Hits Pop/Alternative Rock is the first expansion pack designed for the Dance Praise 2 engine. It offers 35 new songs and a new arcade game. It’s nice that the original Dance Praise can play the new tracks from this expansion, though you’ll miss out on the Simon Says game.

How to play

As the music plays, arrows trickle down the screen. As they line up with the arrow grid on the bottom, you have to press the corresponding arrow on the dance pad. As you play on harder difficulty levels, the number of arrows and complexity increases. The arrow grid on the bottom shrinks as well, requiring you to be more accurate.

There’s a new game mode called Simon which offers a new way to play Simon Says. You have to follow the pattern as it gets more complex to remember. One wrong move or lapse in memory ends the game.

What new songs are there?

The Real – Nevertheless
He Reigns – Newsboys
Something Beautiful – Newsboys
Brave - Nichole Nordeman
Big Enough - Ayiesha Woods
Blush – Plumb
Harder Than the First Time - Barlow Girl
Alive - Rebecca St. James
Sunshine Girl - Brit Nicole
Forward Motion - Relient K
If We Are The Body - Casting Crowns
Awesome God - Rich Mullins
Made to Worship - Chris Tomlin
Undo - Rush Of Fools
God Of Wonders - City On A Hill
I\'m Not Alright - Sanctus Real
Wholly Yours - David Crowder Band
Procrastinating - Stellar Kart
Searchlights - Falling Up
One Girl Revolution – Superchick
One Of These Days – FFH
Pure – Superchick
Love is a Beautiful Thing - Group 1 Crew
Ignition – tobyMac
Franklin Park - James Clay
Look What You\'ve Done - Tree 63
This Man - Jeremy Camp
Join The Song - Vicky Beeching
What I Hear - Jessie Daniels
What If - Nichole Nordeman
The Beauty of Grace - Krystal Meyers
Yes You Have – Leeland
Only You - Mandisa


The expansion pack does not enhance or change the graphics of the Dance Praise 2 engine. The max resolution this game supports is still 1024x768; it looks decent being stretched by my wide screen monitor.


The music selection is great; there’s a wide variety of music styles. The sound quality is good and the announcer isn’t annoying, so that’s a plus. The Simon games have various themed sound effects which adds a nice touch.


I have not run into any problems or glitches playing this game. If you want to play Dance Praise 1 songs/expansions it will prompt you for the CD which is a bit annoying.


This is a game that has God honoring songs; I find no fault here. It’s a great game for families, churches and youth groups.

Final Thoughts

This expansion adds over thirty songs to your collection. There’s a wide variety of music genres and there’s something to please everyone. The asking price of $24.99 is fair. The Simon game is a nice throw in but I don’t see myself playing it much. The dance steps weren’t super challenging so hardcore DDR players may be disappointed. This is a good addition for the casual player who owns either Dance Praise 1 or 2.

Final Score
Gameplay: 15/20
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Stability: 5/5
Interface: 3/5
Appropriateness: 50/50
Overall: 90%

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