System Requirements
Windows VISTA/XP/2000
* 1 GHz Pentium 3
* 300 MB available hard disk space
* 512 MB RAM
* Supported T & L ‚capable video card with at least 32 MB of video RAM.
* 8X CD-ROM drive
* Direct sound 9.0 compatible sound card
* Speakers or headphones
* USB compatible dance pad (included)
Mac OS:
Mac OS X v10.2 or later
* 1 GHz G3
* 300 MB available hard disk space
* 512 MB RAM
* 8X CD-ROM drive
* 32 MB Video RAM
* Speakers or headphones
* USB compatible dance pad (included)

Thanks to Digital Praise for giving us this game to review!

Digital Praise has re-written their Dance Praise engine from the ground up and it’s a vast improvement. The interface is now 3D and has a much smoother look and feel to it. If you have the original Dance Praise, you can play all of the previous songs and expansion packs. Also, it’s nice that the original Dance Praise can play the new tracks from Dance Praise 2 as well. You can now have up to four people playing provided that you have enough USB ports.

How to play

As the music plays arrows trickle down the screen. As they line up with the arrow grid on the bottom you have to press the corresponding arrow on the dance pad. As you play on harder difficulty levels, the number of arrows and combo moves increases. The arrow grid on the bottom shrinks as well, requiring you to be more accurate.

There’s a new game mode called Dance-Tris which offers a new way to play Tetris. Just like Tetris, various shaped blocks come down and you have to rotate and move the pieces with your dance pad. Your goal is to align the blocks to fit together without leaving spaces. As you get rows covered, they will disappear. Leveling up occurs when you clear multiple rows, and the difficulty increases by having the blocks come down faster.

So what’s new in Dance Praise 2?

Other than the new look and backgrounds, Dance Praise 2 comes bundled with fifty two songs. Ten of the songs are “locked”; you can unlock them by playing songs at their hardest difficulty. You can choose between choreographed and computer generated steps; the computer generated steps will be different every time you play a song. DP2 has player profiles which track high scores and work out mode progress. There’s also a new difficulty level called “super easy” which may help my grandma out.

What songs are there?

You’re Worthy Of My Praise – Big Daddy Weave
There You Go – Caedmon’s Call
Believe-Britt Nicole
LifeSong (Hall)-Casting Crowns
Voice Of Truth-Casting Crowns
How Can I Keep From Singing-Chris Tomlin
Love-Day of Fire
Jesus Freak-DC Talk
Foreverandever Etc-David Crowder Band
Wake Up! Wake Up!- Everyday Sunday
Who Can Compare-Foolish Things
Can’t Go On-Group 1 Crew
Undo Me-Jennifer Knapp
Tonight-Jeremy Camp
Word of Mouth-John Reuben
Hide-Joy Williams
Fire-Krystal Meyers
Only the World-Mandisa
I Am the Way-Mark Schultz
Shine-Matt Redman
Here I Am-Michael W Smith
Awaken-Natalie Grant
Live Like We’re Alive-Nevertheless
I Am Free-Newsboys
River-Out of Eden
When Tomorrow Comes-Pillar
I Can’t Do This-Plumb
God-Rebecca St. James
Already Over-Red
Mood Rings-Relient k
Don’t Give Up-Sanctus Real
Missing Pages-Seventh Day Slumber
Open The Eyes Of My Heart-Sonicflood
Don’t Look At Me-Stacie Orrico
Stand in the Rain-Superchick
We Live-Superchick
Going Under-This Beautiful Republic
I’m For You-tobyMac
This Fragile Breath-Todd Agnew
Blessed Be Your Name-Tree 63
My Heart Goes Out-Warren Barfliek
About You-ZOEgirl


I love the new interface and the animated 3D backgrounds look cool. The option to display the song lyrics is nice but I honestly don’t pay attention since my focus is on the arrows. However, I couldn’t help but notice the cheesy dancer in the box which fortunately can be disabled. The max resolution this game supports is 1024x768; it looks decent being stretched by my wide screen monitor.


The music selection is great; there’s a wide variety of music styles. The sound quality is good and the announcer isn’t annoying, so that’s a plus.


I have not run into any problems or glitches playing this game. If you want to play Dance Praise 1 songs/expansions it will prompt you for the CD which is a bit annoying.


This is a game that has God honoring songs; I find no fault here. It’s a great game for families, churches and youth groups.

Final Thoughts

The first thought that comes to my mind is that I wish they did this in the first place. Granted the original Dance Praise will run better on older systems, but it’s definitely rough around the edges compared to DP2. Hardcore DDRers will be disappointed by how easy this game is, even at the hardest difficulty. Now they made a super-easy mode, how about super hard? This is a great game for beginners, kids and family. The four player support is great and the Tetris mode is fun to play too. I recommend this game for the casual Dance Dance Revolution player, or those who enjoy DDR and popular Christian music.

Final Score

Gameplay: 17/20
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Stability: 5/5
Interface: 4/5

Appropriateness: 50/50

Overall: 93%


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Cheryl Gress

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