Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® 98 SE, Me, 2000, XP, VistaTM
Pentium IV 1.5 MHz or Athlon equivalent.
XGA monitor 4:3 aspect ratio with true Screen Area/Resolution 1024 x 768 and 16 millions of colors
7GB free Hard Disk space
DVD reader
ESRB Rating E 10+

Anacapri the Dream is the sequel to A Quiet Weekend in Capri. The storylines are not dependant on each other, so you don’t have to know anything about the prequel to enjoy this game. As an accomplished archaeologist, you are invited to the island of Anacapri to assist in recovering a lost artifact. Your goal is to locate the powerful Obsidion Disk. This disk is fabled to have been crafted by the gods to test humans to see what they would do with great power. Many great leaders have been corrupted by it. What will you do if you find it?

I’m in Anacapri, now what?

Your reputation precedes you and many of the islanders know why you have arrived. Some people will be very helpful and others won’t give you the time of day. You’re not the only person in search of this disk; many have failed, and many are hoping that you too will fail. Explore the town, talk to people, and gather clues and tips on where to locate this disc. In your adventures you will see many pretty beaches, old churches, under ground tunnels and caverns, war bunkers and more.

How do I move around?

Each picture/scene has what are called hot spots. These are square areas (outlined by default) and when you hover your mouse over them, the cursor will change to a directional arrow allowing you to move in that direction. If you are at a dead end you will have a button on the bottom of the screen allowing you to turn around. Sometimes you have to walk past a spot and turn around in order to see a hot spot for you to interact with an object.

Am I dreaming?

Most of this game will be spent in a dream mode where the people in real life have different identities. Reality is thrown out the window when you talk to some animals that were once powerful leaders corrupted and cursed by the disk. As you gather fragments of the disk, you’ll have to choose whether to keep the disk and collect your money or destroy the disk and free these tormented animals from their curse. When you switch to reality mode, you will be in a house that has many clues on how to solve some puzzles in dream mode. For example, you’ll see a pink piggy bank and when you use the ATM in the dream world, the pin code is “piggy”. As you gather disk fragments, you will get codes to unlock new areas of your house, thus providing more clues for new puzzles.

Puzzles and mini-games

What adventure game would be complete without puzzles? Some of the puzzles are not too bad, while most of them are pretty far fetched to solve. Fortunately there is a very thorough walkthrough available. There are some literal puzzles you’ll have to piece together to activate certain areas. I learned how to play an Italian card game called Scopa, because you have to beat this Scopa addict in order for him to lend you his boat.


The interface is pretty basic yet it's not very intuitive. The controls to move around are easy enough, but some of the areas are only visible coming from one direction, so it's easy to miss an area or an important person. Launching the game and saving games could be a little bit easier. They should clarify things a bit. You have to be careful when saving a game, as it gets assigned to a number save slot with no comments to describe the save. Make sure you don't overwrite the wrong one! There are some helpful features that are worth noting. For example, the game automatically records conversations so you can always go back and read them to refresh your memory. The map of Anacapri is a lifesaver, since it's easy to get lost and the map helps you orient yourself better. There are also jump points to make traveling faster.


My biggest complaint in the graphics department is that this game ONLY runs in 1024x768, so if you run your screen at a higher resolution, you’ll be playing in a weird windowed mode with no window borders. There really isn't anything graphically fancy here. The game is basically over eight thousand pictures with hot spots allowing you to move in various directions. Some of them are truly beautiful. There are some panoramic pictures that you have to look at different angles to see hot spots that would not have normally been visible. The water in the game is animated and there are a few computer effects added, but they often look cheesy. Cut scenes and movies would have really helped in getting the player immersed into the storyline. I couldn't help feeling like a tourist at times just wandering around not knowing what to do or even knowing what's going on. There is even a game mode that allows you to just wander around without a storyline.


You can play this game in English or Italian. If you choose to play it in English, the voice acting doesn’t fit on a few of the people that you meet. Some of the voices are just plain annoying. The sound effects throughout the game are very fitting. You hear birds, people, dogs barking, etc. Music is triggered at certain points in the game and it grows on you after a while. It reminds me of Tubular Bells (not the part in Exorcist) a little bit.


This game is pretty clean but there are some things worth mentioning. Some of the characters are not fully dressed. There is a Siren that has a bare chest covered only by her hair. While you’re playing Scopa the guy taunts you a bit and sometimes says the D word when you do a good move on him. In reality mode there is a possible romance with a main character’s soon to be ex-wife. I thought that relationship was a bit awkward. There are references to other gods in this game and finally, there is a monk’s spirit that you have to summon for assistance.


I’m really not much into adventure games but this game does offer plenty of game play hours. The photography is well done and the music is decent. Some of the voice acting is annoying, but the main characters sound fine. If you like adventure games you will probably enjoy it. There are two possible endings, but one is clearly better than the other. My favorite take away was learning how to play Scopa.

Final Ratings

Game Play 14/20
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
Stability 4/5
Controls 4/5
Appropriateness 41.5/50
-2 swearing
-3.5 revealing clothing
-3 Supernatural references

Final Score 75.5%

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