System Requirements Internet Connectivity An internet browser with java and cookies enabled The enemy has taken several captives and is holding them in his stronghold. Armo must set the captives free by unlocking the chains that are holding each prisoner. Once Armo rescues the captives he must open up the outer doors to set them free. All this must be done without alerting the guards.


You’ll have to avoid the storm trooper like guards in his game. Sometimes you’ll see them ahead of time, but you can guarantee that you’ll be seen and captured if you answer a Bible question wrong. Scorpions make a comeback but they are harmless as long as you don’t click on them.


There are four levels in this stronghold so it’s easy to get lost. You can draw a map to make your life a bit easier. The levels look different so it’s easy to tell where you are. After being lost in a maze I’ll gladly accept some change of scenery. In order to access some areas you have to collect the three keys (red, blue, gray). There are many cross roads and they usually require answering a Bible question to proceed. The questions are fill in the blank and multiple choice. Save before answering them because if you answer them incorrectly, you’ll be caught!


There are no sound effects or music in this game. You can add your own music by playing MP3’s or I-tunes on your system. ; )


I like the more diverse level maps. This is a 2D game and the graphics are limited which is not surprising for a web-based game. The graphics are literally jpeg and gif images linked together at different angles to make the maze realistic.


You just need a keyboard and mouse to play this game. The mouse is used to click the direction you want Armo to go. The keyboard is used to answer the fill in the blank Bible questions. The rooms are numbered so you can kind of keep track of where you have been.


Although the game ran fine, I didn’t encounter any problems until the end. I rescued seven captives but the winner’s page only registered six. The issue has been fixed and Rick was kind enough to put the corrected number of captives rescued under my name. I still left one behind. *sniff*


This is a Christian game about saving captives by answering Bible Questions. What can possibly go wrong? I do like how the bible verses chosen are captive and prison related.

Final Thoughts

This game is very family friendly. It’s free too! You can play it at http://www.armoquest.comIf you beat ArmoQuests 1-5 you are eligible to join their Armo discussion group, the people on the forums are super nice. You can even get hints if you get stuck like I did. This was probably the hardest adventure yet. It took lots of patience and perseverance to complete it. I’m not sure if there was a compass like the previous games, if so, I didn’t find it.

Final Ratings

Game Play 15/20 Sound N/A Graphics 6/10 Controls 5/5 Stability 4/5 Appropriateness 50/50

Total 84%

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