System Requirements Windows:98/ME/2000/XP
Mac OS X
500MHz P3 CPU; G3 400MHz Mac
130MB HDD space
DX 9 compatible sound and video
USB ports and a USB compatible dance pad


Thanks to Digital Praise for giving us this game to review!

Dance Praise is required to play the expansion! In all honesty I have not heard of the God Rocks series until I was asked to review this Expansion for Dance Praise. Check out the God Rocks website for information about the God Rocks cartoons, DVDs and concerts. The purpose of this ministry is to get kids to learn and sing about God and scripture. The music is pretty catchy and makes an excellent addition to the Dance Praise library. This expansion pack adds thirty-five new songs to your collection. You need to have Dance Praise installed in order to play these songs. The God Rocks! expansion pack sells for $24.95 at Covenant Games.

What songs are included?

God Rocks! BibleToons CD Be Strong (Joshua 1:9) Do Not Fear (Isaiah 41:10) Give The Reason (1 Peter 3:15) God So Loved The World (John 3:16) Grow in the Grace (2 Peter 3:1Cool Guide me In Your Truth (Psalm 25:5) If My People (2 Chronicles 7:14) If You have Faith (Matthew 17:20) Joy of the Lord (Nehemiah 8:10) Love The Lord (Deuteronomy 6:5) Praise The Lord (Psalm 150) Rejoice In The Lord Always (Philippians 4:4) Set An Example (1 Timothy 4:12) Share With God’s People (Romans 12:12) The Fruit of the Spirit Is (Galatians 5:22) The Lord Is Good (Psalm 100:4) The Lord Is My Rock (Psalm 18:2) The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23:1) The Whole Duty Of Man (Ecclesiastes 12:13) Trust In The Lord (Proverbs 3:5) What About You? (Matthew 16:15) What Is Good? (Micah 6:Cool Whatever You Do (Colossians 3:23) Your Attitude (Philippians 2:5) Original God Rocks! Hits CD A little Bit of Faith Church Granny Rock Freckle God Rocks! Theme Song God Rules Greatest Love Living Stones Rock Steady This is the Day Wake Up! When God Talks, Creation Rocks


Installation is really easy and once it’s installed you’ll see the songs the next time you launch Dance Praise. You can sort the songs by play list to see the color coded songs you added. It doesn’t get much easier than that. If you want to uninstall you have to use the uninstaller from the start menu since it’s not available in the control panel. Usability The expansion does not add any new features that I noticed. Unlike Dance Dance Revolution games the arrows go down instead of up. The accuracy of the arrows is questionable at times but for the most part, decent. The grading is pretty lenient compared to other DDR games out there. Hard mode is pretty easy until you get to level 4 & 5 songs, but even those are not challenging enough. DDR veterans won’t find this game very challenging at all. Even though I was able to clear level 4 and 5 songs in hard mode there was a level 2 song that I could not pass. I don’t know why it was ranked at 2.


The song selection is very good and you can see the lyrics scrolling by as you dance. All the songs have good lyrics with a positive message.

Final Thoughts

If you’re like me and never heard of God Rocks! I recommend checking them out. The songs are catchy and fun to listen and dance to. The music style varies from dance to peppy rock. There are even some songs with Beach Boys and Elvis influences. With an asking price of $24.95 this is a fair price for adding this much to the Dance Praise game play.

Final Ratings

Appropriateness 50/50 Game Play 18/20 Graphics 6/10 Sound 10/10 Controls/Interface 3/5 Stability 4/5

Overall 91%


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