System Requirements Windows 2000/XP 512MB RAM 64MB 3D graphics 2GHz CPU 500MB HDD God has summoned Moses to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Start your journey as Moses and later as Aaron to free God’s people from the evil Pharaoh. You will not be welcome in Egypt, so prepare to defend yourself. Use your staff to protect yourself from bandits, Egyptian guards and mummies. Use your staff to defend and protect yourself. There are various moves and power-ups you can use to defeat your foes. Collect power ups (Greater Powers), coins, water, and bread to restore your health along the way.

How do you play?

This is the first game in a long time that doesn’t use the typical WASD keys. You primarily use your mouse and there is no customizing the controls. To move you hold down the right mouse button and you use your left to attack. You can change your attack moves with the scroll wheel. To jump you use the space bar and you can access the power ups with the number keys. The H key brings up the menu where you can save/load and see your objectives. The mouse only control is a blessing and a curse. It’s easier for new gamers but the camera angles or the lack of controlling it is frustrating at times.

What attacks are there?

Block Foot Sweep (knocks the enemies off their feet) Jab Parry Overhead (Moses takes his staff and hit enemies on their head) Staff kick (Looks cool as Moses grabs onto his staff and kicks outward) Staff sweep (My favorite since you can take out many enemies at once)

What Greater Powers are there?

I haven\'t used the powers that often but they look cool and do a decent amount of damage. They also strike many enemies at once. Smite Tremble Thunder Wrath Restore (health)

What are the missions like?

Your first mission is to go up the mountain and talk to God. Other primary missions in the game involve talking to the Egyptian guard captain to get an audience with the Pharaoh, find and speak with Miriam (Moses’ sister), destroy various idols, lead the people out of Egypt, and others. There are many side quests such as saving people from bandits, collecting various items for people, and recovering Joseph’s bones.

How is the game play?

This game is probably best described as an action RPG. It’s in the third person and you primarily play as Moses. You can talk to the villagers and explore the world. It is easy to get lost. There’s a compass/radar that displays friends, foes and objectives for you. The game play varies with quests, mazes, jumping puzzles and boss battles. There’s probably fifteen hours of game play if you complete all the missions. I beat the game in about ten.


Deliverance uses the Torque engine and it looks decent. The models look a little cartoonish and have a decent amount of detail/uniqueness. The textures look good and; I like the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Some of the world is a bit bland but then again you\'re in the middle of a dessert. Many of the bushes are paper-thin and if you walk too close to a building or a wall you can sometimes see through it. The cut scenes are pre-rendered. Though low-res, they look decent.


The only voice acting is in the cut-scene movies. When you talk to NPCs it’s text only. I guess I’m spoiled by many modern games like Oblivion where everything is voice acted. The background music was nothing spectacular or memorable: mainly drums, ambient noise, trumpets or synthesizer. The special effects were good though.


I had a hard time getting this game running at first. Make sure your drivers are up to date and AMD X2 users will need to get a CPU patch from AMD to make the game playable. This game does not minimize well, so close out of any chat clients you may have running. One of the bugs I encountered was that when you save and reload a game while playing as Aaron, your character will come back as Moses instead. Another bug is that loading a save does not work; the only way to load a game is through the Continue option.


This game is spot on when it comes to the Biblical narration however a few creative liberties were made to make it a fun game. The Bible only mentions Moses killing one Egyptian instead of the countless he knocks out during the course of the game. There is violence in this game but no blood.

Final Thoughts

I like the storyline and premise for this game. The world is big and fun to explore and the NPC side quests are fun. Deliverance is a bit lacking in the sound and graphics departments. I can’t fault it too much on the performance since most of my issues were CPU patch related. The glitches I encountered will hopefully be fixed in a patch. There is no multiplayer, so once you beat the game in fifteen or less hours there’s little reason to go back to it.

Final Ratings

Game Play 12/20 Graphics 6/10 Sound 6/10 Controls/Interface 3/5 Stability 2/5 Appropriateness 46/50 -4 points for self defense violence

Overall 75%

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