System Requirements
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, OS X
733 MHz, G3,G4 or G5
120MB HDD Space 128MB RAM
16MB Video RAM


How well do you know God’s animal creations? This Bible trivia game will stump adults and kids alike. Some of the questions can be answered from the Bible but not all the questions have a verse reference. For example do you know how many eyes a caterpillar has? How about a grasshopper? (Both have more than 2!) There are over 500 questions in five categories so there aren’t too many repeats. There are three levels of difficulty however you get more points for answering harder questions. You can have up to three players and since this a Digital Praise title, you can even use your dance pad as a controller if you prefer. The default controller is a keyboard with each player using different keys.


Wet & Wild Creepy Crawly Things With Wings Marvelous Mammals Creatures Great & Small

Game Play

This game is pretty fun and with the wise cracking announcer it’s similar to the “You Don’t Know Jack” series. Single player mode has a different feel than when you’re playing against someone else. The point system is completely different. In single player, after the question is asked, your total available points decrease until you answer the question, so think fast! Another difference is that you are not penalized for wrong answers in single player mode. In multiplayer mode if you answer a question wrong you lose the amount the question was worth. Unfortunately, no matter how well you do in single player your score will not be entered into the Hall of Fame. There are un-lockable characters available to you as you play the game. These are avatars that you can choose to represent you in the game. There’s a monkey, a lion, a dog, and more!


Trivia games don’t need the latest and greatest 3D engine and this game is no exception. The graphics in Solomon Says are colorful and flashy; they fit the bill nicely.


The menu music has a jungle rhythm to it and it fits with the game décor. The announcer is amusing and the animal sound effects are good too. You can taunt other players in an attempt to distract them.


This game did not error out on me but we did discover a bug. When my husband and I were playing against each other, we got a blank question with no audio or text to read or choose from. That only happened to us once.


This game has Bible based trivia, so I don’t have any complaints in this department. I recommend this game for all ages (7+ up according to the box).

Final Thoughts

I have not played the original Solomon Says, but this title is very fun and I have learned a lot by playing it. (Caterpillars have 12 eyes btw). Some of the questions require Bible knowledge while other questions require animal expertise. The 3,000 bonus point questions are either super hard or super silly, good luck getting those right. All in all this game is very enjoyable and I recommend it for any animal lover.

Final Ratings

Game Play 17/20 Graphics 7/10 Sound 8/10 Stability 4/5 Controls/Interface 5/5 Appropriateness 50/50

Total 91%

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