System Requirements Internet access Internet browser with java and cookies enabled In a recent archeological excavation Armo discovered a map, which has led him to a hidden, underground maze. According to the inscriptions on the map, some of the rooms in the maze contain treasures, but the precise locations of the treasures are unknown. Upon entering the maze the outer door closed behind him trapping Armo inside. Armo must now find the keys and possibly some treasure along the way.

Game Play

Your job is to find the red and blue keys so you can exit the maze. You may uncover some gold bars and if you’re lucky, a compass to guide you. There are over 170 rooms so it will be easy to get lost, I know I have several times. Fortunately you can see what room number you are in and which room you just came out of. If you reach a dead-end, click on Armo to go back. When you stumble upon an item you will need you’ll be asked a Biblical question and you have to answer it correctly to obtain the item. The questions are fill in the blank. Like all of the previous Armo titles, you can save your progress and resume your game at any time. With the complex maze it took me a few “sittings” to complete this game. Compared to all the other games in the series, which only took me a few minutes to beat.


Nothing too fancy here, the game uses static jpegs. Some of the maze rooms look the same but there are some unique ones to help you remember where you are. There is no animation but the compass arrow changes with every room you enter.


There was no sound in this game.


The game ran fine other than some lag on the server. I encountered a missing images but Rick fixed it right away.


If you can click a mouse you can play this game. The maze is confusing and I reached a bunch of dead ends. It will take lots of patience and perseverance.


This game is suitable for all ages. There is no violence, swearing, sexual content or occult. This game has only a few Bible questions compared to the other Armo games. I spent most of my time wandering around the maze than cracking my Bible open.

Final Thoughts

This is a free game you can play at http://www.armoquest.com . There is a nice online community you can join. It has some hints and bloopers and good people to chat with. There’s a membership area that you can be in if you complete all the Armo Quest games. The game itself is challenging as it will take some patience and perseverance, but it is beatable. There is some Biblical trivia and references, so have your Bible ready, and have fun!

Final Ratings

Appropriateness 50/50 Game Play 12/20 Sound N/A Graphics 5/10 Controls/Interface 3/5 Stability 4/5

Final Score 82%

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