Ahh, yes, about time! The classic FPS that launched the genre sky high, will finally have a review!


Ahhh, yes, the gameplay is what we all love this game so much for. You have six weapons, over thirty levels, and some of the simplest gameplay of all time. Walk, shoot, dance a victory dance, repeat. Of course, with some added puzzles, power-ups, and more enemies than you'd prefer to keep track of, I think this game will keep up. So, you've got all the weapons you'd expect to have on a Mars facility infested with demons. A pistol, a shotgun, a chaingun, your fists, a CHAINSAW, a PLASMA RIFLE, and the ultimate weapon....THE BFG9000! This baby can kill nearly anything, except the final boss....CYBERDEMON. So, there you have a decent array of weapons to play around with. What next? Oh, yes, the enemies....You have imps, demons, invisible demons, spider masterminds, wierd goatmen demons, even zombies! Ohhh, what a wonderful time you'll have blowing them all up to tiny bits. AND there are some red beholders. Yaay. Overall, I'd give the gameplay a 14/20. Simplicity is good.


Not...Very....Good. But, actually, for that time, they were excellent! The level design is simple, I'll admit, but the creature models aren't THAT bad. Really, though, for the time, it was great. Just fantastic. I'll give it a 5/10 for effort?


Hmm.....Terrible. Not god at all. Though I suppose the sound of the weapons firing ad impacting isn't bad at all. Like the BFG9000. I just grin when I hear that thing go to work. And I suppose it's kinda funny to hear the demons exploding. It sounds almost like somebody swimming through gelatin. And the background music is sorta...Bleepy. Yet strangely enjoyable. 6/10


This game is as stable as a horse in the middle of Antarctica. 5/5


Pretty good. The strafing is below par, but who cares when you can run so dang fast? No matter how many times I try, it just won\'t allow the controls to be changed. This may be just a problem with my computer, but it's still noteworthy. 4/5


Violence! Woo-ee. Let's see....To start out, you kill hundreds upon hundreds of non-human beings. Yep. Heaps and heaps on them. What else are you gonna do on a planet filled with weird beings that are out to get you? I guess that knocks off 3.5 points off the game. Blood/Gore? Not as bad as you thought. Really, now. Compared to a lot of games THIS generation of gaming, this isn't really bad. Sure, a puddle of blood appears when you kill an enemy, as well as that is the case with some games like Age of Empires. That knocks off about 1.5 off the content ride. As for gore, I've seen worse in movies such as the Patriot or Gladiator. But I'll take off 1 point, as it\\'s still there. Language? Not too much of an issue. Seeing as there's only one actual human in the entire game, (boo-hoo) there's no dialogue. Occasionally you’ll see a minor swear word like hell in the menu, but what else would you expect? Sexual content? Non-existent. Now move on to the next category. Occultic/Magic uses Ohhhhh boy. A space station FILLED WITH DEMONS. Then eventually, you go to the CORE of the planet. I think I'll take off 5 points now, shall I? Yes, I think I shall. As if tons of demons weren't enough, there are also skull keys, some weird symbols all over the place in the later levels, and more...

Gameplay: 14/20
Graphics: 5/10
Sound: 6/10
Stability: 5/5
Controls/Interface: 4/5
Violence: 5/10
Language: 9/10
Sexual Content: 10/10
Occult/Supernatural: 5/10
Other issues: 10/10

Total: 73/100

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