Ok, this is an excellent game made by BioWare. It uses a fantasy setting, and is played like Baldurs Gate, Knights of the Old Republic, and other RPG\'s.
Let\'s begin.


Pretty good, actually. It\'s a typical click-on-baddie-to-attack system, but there\'s more to it than that! You can loot from chests and bookshelves and stuff like that, you can talk to people, etc. There are only a few key things you cannot do. 1. Ride dragons and/or horses. 2. Jump. 3. Swim. These things are must-haves for NWN2. Anyway. There is multiplayer, and it plays kinda like a free MMO. (Massive Multiplayer Online) I know two really good servers, and on this path, we go to lag. Lag is often a big problem with online servers. The BIG role-playing server, Amia, is chocked full of it. Too much lag could even cause a server to go down. Multiplayer servers have categories to suit your tastes. (Action, Role-playing, Social(beware), Arena(beware of hackers), etc.)
But, back to normal gameplay, There are I think four difficulties. Easy, Normal, Hard, and DND Hardcore rules. This game is easily enough played, I\'d say the hardest part is playing a mage online where you can\'t pause to select spells. Total, gameplay gets 16/20. (Near-linear gamplay, and online lag problems)


There is background music, and it is very well done. I always play with it on. It adds to the suspense, and it can make it nicer, too. Depends on the setting. Well, I can\'t say it\'s bad! There is voice acting, but only for major characters/minor characters and Henchman first phrase of speech. You mutter a little incantation while casting a spell, (which may offend those of you whom I will not name) the spells make realistic noises when hitting the target, and even emitting from your hands. Goblins and other monsters, even dragons, kinda have non-realistic cries. (Gagji gagju gagjah!) Some background voices/sounds are often muffled, such as distant screams and doomsayers. Totaled up, I think it gets 8/10. (For some muffled sounds, and ranged weapon goofs)


There have definitely been prettier games. The games terrain is square-based, but not block-movement. It is still 3D. The heads and legs and arms are a little polygon-ish. Mouths do not move. But, I must say the scenery is very nicely done. Forest mornings show the light gleaming out of the tree-tops, and the caves usually have a kind of haze emitting. Usually depends on how well the module was done. Fog is usually VERY thick, so it\'s hard to see when there is fog. (Which is usually rare) Total, I\'d give graphics 7/10. (Polygonish monsters, square-based terrain, etc.)
Stability: Well, the only glitches I\'ve found is stuff like getting stuck on walls, the whole screen turning yellow, and getting stuck in drive mode. (Drive mode being moving with WASD) Seeing as these are rare, it\'s 4/5. (Because no game is perfect)


The only thing I can say about this is: Wonderful! It has great interface, easy controls, it\'s a 5/5 presentation!


Violence. The worst is people killing people in self defense, and you CAN commit murder, but that\'s a player preference, but, alas, it is still there. That\'s -5 point. (Cry) BUT, blood and gore can also be disabled, so that\'s another +1! 6/10.

Language. Minor swear words are used quite often, so that knocks 2.5 off the score. There are no sexual jokes. (Unless playing online, but I can\'t do anything about that!)

Sexual Content. VERY revealing clothing at times. The CEP downloadable expansion pack doesn\'t exactly help that fact, either. Another 3.5 knocked off. But, no sexual CONTENT is present. (But there are hak paks to add it, so beware and read hak descriptions, first.)

Occult/Supernatural. There are minor occultic references, such as pentagrams, but they\'re rare. Borderline magic is used by player, and so long and so forth.

Cultural/Moral/Ethical stuff. Actually, there\'s really nothing here! Wow!
So, all totaled up. Ready?
Gameplay: 16/20
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 8/10
Stability: 4/5
Controls/Interface: 5/5
Violence: 6/10
Language: 8.5/10
Sexual Content: 7.5/10
Occult/Supernatural: 3.5/10 (WOW)
Moral/Ethical: 10/10

Total: 75.5/100

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