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Freedom Force faces off against the original Axis of Evil!
New threats call for new heroes to rise. As Nuclear Winter returns with a new ploy to destroy Freedom Force and the free world, three new silver age heroes, Tombstone, Green Genie and Quetzacoatl, step up to help thwart evil. When the "Pesky Ruskie\'s" plan unfurls, Freedom Force finds themselves transported to war-torn Europe circa WWII! The team will have to make an alliance with Sky King, Black Jack and Tricolour, three Golden Age heroes willing to sacrifice everything to save the world from the evil axis powers.
Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich features six new playable characters as well as a hoard of new villains, a brand new engine with radically enhanced graphics and vastly improved multiplayer including several brand new modes.


There is very little violence in F.F.T.R., Just comic book type fighting with those little action bubbles and stuff. There is no blood or gore, and almost nobody dies. You could go around harming civillians, but the game discourages that and you lose points for it.
Violence: 8/10


I was shocked because the first Freedom Force had no bad language that I can remember, but this one had quite a bit of cursing in it as compared to the first one. Still, it\'s scattered throughout and you can skip the cinematics that they are in.
Language: 3/10

Sexual Content/Nudity:

There is no sex in the game, but some of the outfits are skimpy, particularly Eve\'s. Tights are worn by both boys and girls, and you\'ll be hard pressed to find a female superhero who is not showing a bit of cleavage.
Sexual Content/Nudity: 6.5/10


This is the area where Freedom Force constantly dissapoints me. There is a lot of occult referances in it, and the only reason I made it through the game is because I downloaded the mod tools and got rid of most of it. There\'s a witch named Red Oktober who wears pentagrams on her hands, her minions, the Dark Shamans, wear helmets with goat horns, and the goat is a symbol of the devil. Mentor, an alien, is a telepath and a psychic who can read people\'s minds. Alchemiss, a super-hero, is a mystic who gained her super-powers from a false goddess, Eve, another superhero, worships Gaia and constantly refers to her during the game, and there is a character named Pan who, in Greek mythology is the Greek god of nature. There is another telepath named Blitzkrieg who is kind of a second in command in the Third Riech, another super-hero, Tombstone is an undead, there is a character named Quetzacoatl who is supposed to be a reincarnation of an ancient Aztec god, there is an Islamic character called the Green Genie who uses magic,there\'s a hero named \'El Diablo\' which means \'the devil\' in spanish and he has a power called \'hellfire\', and Red Oktober\'s lair is pretty much haloween-themed. This is a lot of stuff and it really upsetting that they decided to put this into an otherwise great game.
Occult/Supernatural: 1.5/10


The game is very clean in this area, other than the fact that all the Germans soldiers are shown as evil, ruthless Nazis, when in fact, a lot of the Germans at the time were Christians.
They really didn\'t have much of a choice, it was really either fight for Germany or die. Most of them didn\'t even know of the atrocities commited by Hitler against the Jews.
But, that is the way comic books were in those days.
Cultural/Moral/Ethical: 8.5/10


The gameplay is a unique mixture of a R.P.G. and a strategy game. I found the game to be very fun, and very addictive, but where the game really shines is the customizability. With the mod tools, you can change the game completely. The environments are highly destructable, and the controls are vastly improved from the first one (unlike the appropriateness). Plus, it has multi-player. The hero builder is very in-depth, and you can even make your own meshes and skins for the characters. It is a massive shame that they put such occultic stuff in there.
The game is very good at making you feel like you\'re in a living, breathing comic book.
Gameplay: 19/20


The graphics are very, very good. They look highly detailed, even up close. The movie clips are in a nice, comic book style, although they are 2D, they re-create the vintage comic book look very well. The detail of the environments was outstanding. When a building collapses, you can see all the floors inside it, as well as any furniture it may have inside it. In my review of the demo, I did not get to fully appreciate the really good graphics because it only had one level. Some of the special effects were not as good, though. Particularly El Diablo\'s Fire effects. The fire looked pretty good in the first F.F. game, but they don\'t look as good here, particularly his fire sheild power. But, some of the effects look better. Anyway, this game ran very well on my computer, possibly better than the first one ran.
Graphics: 8/10


The voice acting is great, and the voices fit the characters very well. It has almost the same voice cast from the original game with the acception of Alchemiss. The sound effects are great, and the music goes along with the level and changes with the mood of the game.
Sound: 9/10


The game runs very well, there are a few things that annoyed me sometimes, but nothing significant.
Stability: 4/5


The controls are much better than the first Freedom Force and are quick to learn because everything is done with the mouse and in the first few levels they have little help markers you can click to give you tips on how to play the game.

Overall: 71.5%

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