Well, I\'m sure you\'ve all played this marvelous game. And, if not, you should. Homeworld is a slightly old yet amazing game. Made by Sierra kinda near the time the first Half-Life was announced GotY.

Game Play:

This game is very fun. The concept of all-out 3D space combat is the best. You can hyperspace jump providing you have the RU\'s. (Resource units) This allows your immobile Mothership to warp to another part of the map. Useful for if you\'re under hopeless attack. The game is pretty difficult...And even MORE so on multiplayer!! The frusterating part is getting your guys stuck in space. Or lost...Whatever works for you. The battle tactics are great! Formations, and 3 different tactics. They\'re breathtaking to watch.


Well, with this game being made in 1999, they aren\'t that great. But, for it\'s time, it\'s amazing. The cutscenes are all done in moving sketches. Kinda cool.


Oh, YES! I love the sounds. Even better is the music. They have a choir singing the music. The music makes the battles all the better to sit back and watch. It makes me wanna just find a way to get the music and sit down and listen to it. And in the credits, Yes does the song \'Homeworld\', A.K.A \'The Ladder\'. I sometimes play the game just to listen to that.


Pretty good here. The problem is, the speech and credit music may skip a little, but not much. Not a huge deal. The game has just minimized on me once. But, not bad.


Shooting objects that represent enemy aircraft, tanks etc. (Ex. Star Wars Rogue Squadron) (-3 pts)
Characters clothing is sexy or accentuates their sexuality (Ex. tight clothing or low cleavage) (-1.5 pts)

This is pretty good here. Not a problem. Except for one sketch in the credits...Not that bad of a sketch, though.

Final Thoughts:

A must-get for the strategy fan. Homeworld combines space-action with strategy. You must try this game.

Cool features:

The more research ships, the bigger the ship is. You can get up to 6 research ships. There are two playable races tht pretty much copy each other, except for a couple of things: The Kushan have cloaked fighters. The Taiiden have point-defense missles. These ships shoot incoming fire, and are very useful. You can also build Resource Controllers to deploy at an astroid belt as a drop-site. You can deploy mobile probes as sentries. You can only move them once, so be careful.

Final Ratings

Game Play: 10/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sounds: 9/10
Stability: 8/10
Content: 45.5/50

Overall 87%

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