Welcome to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, another World War II installment of everyone\'s favorite old school FPS, Wolfenstien. The first time I ever played a first-person-shooter was about that age of 7. A teen-ager introduced me to the game like so: \'You wanna play a really bad game kid...?\' Me, defenseless against my own computer game drive, gave in. The game was called \'Wolfenstein.\' The graphics to today\'s standards were pitiful, but there was violence. And my young mind became engaged in the suspense. Not being able to read well at the time, I missed the story, so I don\'t remember if it followed the line of WW II. Now that I covered the nearly useless aspects Wolfenstein\'s history, let me introduce you to its newer multi-player installment.


The graphics are decent; I have seen better effects than this in FPS. The weapons are well designed, and the levels are very very very well thought out. I love the environment of this game; it could just look a little less blotchy, and a little more realistic.


This is what it comes down to, FPS need more ambient sound, I can?t stand having to walk on metal and not hear it, or to be in a swamp and not hear crickets. Ambient sound would defiantly lift up the suspense level. Because sound isn\'t a major aspect of FPS like it should be, this game is redeemed by similarity of poorness. I do enjoy the many commands you can issue in this game, and the explosions are pleasing to the ear.


This may be the first time I can say this, but the controls are amazing. The best I have handled in a computer FPS. You will feel right at home with your keyboard and mouse.


Now for the fun part, appropriates. This game has a very violent background. You can blow people to the sky with panzerfaust explosives, and watch their body?s blow up, leaving a helmet, blood, and possibly a weapon behind. You can burn people to ashes with flame-throwers, and stab soldiers to death with knifes. Now that I have that out of the way, let me explain that this game is very similar to any other FPS, and if you wont let Tiny Tim play James Bond, this should be no different.


Flamethrower: Burn your foes to ash. Pistol: Fires rapidly...for a pistol at least, and come in double. Machine guns: Rapid firing, old school machine guns. Panzerfaust: Blow up tanks, and people. Sniper: Shoot Nazis from long range! Grenade Gun: Load grenades in here, and launch them many feet towards your foe. Mounted chain gun: Rapid firing, nearly endless ammo. Mortar: Launch artillery at your foes from hundreds of feet away .


Perhaps the coolest part about this game is what you can do with different soldiers. Engineer: Fix things,Lay mines, arm dynamite, Grenade gun. Soldier:Burn things, Launch paunzerfaust, Mortar, Mounted chain gun, Flamethrower. Medic: Heal, revive. Covert Ops: Snipe, put on enemy uniform. Field Ops: Plant explosive, ammo guy. Every class can throw grenades and shoot automatics.


Playing online is awesome! It never lags at all! Playing with and against other humans is only thing you can do in fact. Because there is no single campaign, the multiplayer maps have very cool teamwork objectives. I have played in 60 player maps with very little lag. Though the aspect of respawn is hard to understand at first, you catch on after the first few games. Many maps are always up for download. This game rocks online, very fun.

Sum it all up for me, man:

The sound is like any other FPS, maybe a little worse. The controls are great! The graphics are decent. The weapon ideas are awesome! The appropriateness is like any other FPS. The game is very fun, and worth the.....$0.00. Download it at the CCGR downloads page. It is well worth it. Make sure you get the patch too!

The Judgment:

Graphics: 7/10 Sound: 6/10 Controls: 10/10 Appropriatness:6/10 Online Play: 10/10


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