The story of this game is this. You are a warrior named Christof, you used hate and fight evil vampires in the 12th century. The vampires admired your fighting abilities and made you one of them. Ironic eh? Now you are after the boss. While a nurse friend is working on a cure for your immortal condition, you and up to three others will fight in two time periods. The 12th century Prague and Vienna. Then in modern day London and New York. Single player has a neat story line. Multiplayer is fun too.

It has two modes you can be the hunter or the hunted! Graphics and Sound are great! From a Christian stand point I guess I can relate with Christof. Vampires are dark and evil creatures. So this I guess can be considered a dark game. As for symbols your main cursor is a sword. The odd thing is that the sword is in the shape of an ankh. :( The game is easy to install. It wasn\'t able to run on my PII 400 laptop with an ATI Rage card. But it ran great on my home system.

As far as I know there are no patches out, it ran pretty stable though. The graphics are very good. The music was good, it added a nice touch. Game play wise, the only complaint I have is the AI was a little dumb. For example if there was something in the way of an item I was trying to grab the character wouldn\'t run around the item but keep running into it. It was annoying sometimes. As for fighting the AI was pretty good. It has to be, managing 4 characters can be tricky. The interface wasn\'t that hard to use. Fighting wasn\'t bad, pretty much click n kill.

Final Ratings

Appropriate 2/5 Interface 4/5 Game Play 3/5 Music 5/5 Graphics 5/5 Stability 5/5

Overall 80%

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Cheryl Gress

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