OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, MacOS X CPU: 500MHz RAM: 128MB HDD: 225 MB VIDEO: 32MB 3D accelerated graphics SOUND: DirectX compatible sound card


In this game you\'re Spider Man, not just you though. There\'s an imposter out there giving you a bad rap. You must clear your name and get rid of your double. There are many missions to complete along the way. The Kellogg\'s demo gives you twelve playable missions. The first being training. You must also stop a bank robbery and rescue all the hostages, none can die.


You will encounter two main bosses in this demo. In the third mission you have to get to and save your boss at the Bugle from Scorpion. He\'s not easy, especially with his long tail. Be sure to web him and throw chairs his way. Later on you will encounter Rhino. He\'s pretty tough, fortunately you can use the environment to your advantage. (*Spoiler make him run into things like explosive barrels and electric generators*)


The movements are pretty cool. You can climb on and swing to different buildings, walls & ceilings. There are many different attacks, for example you can temporarily disable enemies by webbing them. You can also kick and punch in various ways too. You can even throw objects at them! After you defeat an enemy Spider Man will usually say a clever remark.


From a Christian perspective, this game, like all comics, does have violence. However, it does not show blood. I thought the kid mode would be a cleaner version, turns out it\'s the same game with \'easier controls\'.


The game is easy to install. The interface was fairly easy to use. You have to load your profile before you can resume a saved game. That was odd, but it works. For controls you can use keyboard, game pad or joystick. Using a game pad would be your best bet. The keyboard controls are the arrow and number keys. My biggest complaint is the camera angling, it can be inconvenient maneuvering sometimes. This would be much easier if it allowed mouse movement. The Kellogg\'s demo fixed the boss intro glitch I experienced with the initial demo. (The movie kept repeating itself) The graphics are good. Definitely D3D enhanced. The super heroes are nicely detailed. The music and sound effects are good in the game. There\'s no multiplayer in this game. The game runs well in Windows 2000. Overall a great game, I would highly recommend it.


Appropriate 4/5 Interface 4/5 Game Play 5/5 Music/Sound 4/5 Graphics 4/5 Stability 5/5

Overall 87%

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