System Requirements
OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP CPU: 500Mhz RAM: 128MB HDD: 250MB VIDEO: 32MB DirectX 8.1 compatible SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 8.1 compatible Age: Everyone

Bitten by a genetically altered spider, high school student Peter Parker is suddenly empowered with supernatural abilities, including Spider Sense, webslinging and wall crawling. Take the role of Parker as he adapts to his new powers and becomes Spider-Man. But beware the city villains won\'t be pleased to see a new hero on the scene.*

What\'s in the demo?

There are three main levels in the demo. There\'s Oscorp\'s Gambit where you get to familiarize yourself with the controls, targeting, aiming, and webbing your foes. The first mission is to get good poses with your camera which can be quite annoying. The next level is chase through the sewers (self explanatory). The last level is The Offer, where you get to fight Green Goblin himself. After you knock him off his flyer you have a limited amount of time to finish him off. Good luck, he packs quite a punch! For those looking for a challenge there are four difficulty levels: Easy, normal, hero, and super hero.

Who do I fight and how do I find them?

You will be fighting various thugs, flying menaces, and bosses like Shocker and Green Goblin. There is a camera lock feature where you can lock onto an enemy and attack one at a time. If you don\'t use the lock you can attack many at once. You have a handy compass to guide you as well. You can use your webbing to move about, and for restraining your foes momentarily. Other than that you can jump, punch and kick. Keep in mind there are thirty combo moves to explore, so have fun knocking the bad guys out! Also be sure to use your environment to your advantage. You can break crates and throw things at bad guys too.

What is in the full game?

The full game will sport options like cheats, warping levels and even training missions. Besides more levels, you will encounter bosses like scorpion and vulture too. There is mention of a secret store, I wonder what you can get there...


From a Christian perspective there is violence. The fighting consists of webbing, punching and kicking your villains. There are many combos that you can do, most looking like wrestling maneuvers. Fortunately there is no blood.

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was easy to install but hard to play. The interface is horrible, between the bad camera angling and controller hassles it makes this game hard to play. The camera has two modes, passive and aggressive, and I found both to be utterly annoying. The weird angles make it very difficult to move around and to see where you are going. There are many controllers/joysticks supported, you can also use keyboard and mouse. BUT I could not disable my joystick even if I wanted to. The graphics are nice and the scenery is good. The heroes have nice detail and the cut scenes are good. The voice acting is great. They use many actors from the movie like Tobey McGuire, Willem Dafoe, and the wisecracking narrator Bruce Campbell. The mixed music and punching/kicking sound effects are fitting too. The game ran very stable, no complaints there. The game play is single player only so the only replay value would be to play it on a more challenging level. My biggest disappointment is the camera angling. Other than that, this would have made a good clean action game.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B Sound B+ Interface D Stability A Offensive Content B

Overall 72% C-

* Taken from Activision.com

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