System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, MacOS 7.5 CPU: 133mhz, 166Mhz Mac RAM: 32 MB, 16MB for Mac HDD: 14-650 MB CD-ROM: 8X VIDEO: 32 bit SOUND: 16 bit compatible sound card Ages: Everyone

A meteor hits your planet and now half of it is too cold, while the other half is too hot. This is happening because the planet stopped rotating altogether. There\'s still hope though. A scientist friend of yours has created a machine that can get the planet rotating again. There\'s just one problem. There\'s not enough electricity to run it. It\'s up to you to save the planet and get the three generators up and running! I classify this type of game as edutainment. It\'s a pretty fun way to learn. The game play is Myst-like. There are lots puzzles that you will have to figure out. Most of the puzzles can be solved via Physics. Many of the puzzles are reasonably challenging, while others are nearly impossible to figure out. If you do get stuck http://www.uhs-hints.com has a nice hint system for this game. You have a laptop with various audio/visual lessons with helpful answers buried within. You will learn about: * Acoustics * Electricity * Heat * Mechanics * Optics

Game Play

Okay, so you have to get three generators working. There\'s a bit more to this game than finding them and turning them on. The island your on is abandoned and only clues remain. There are many objects you will come across that you will be able to scan and take with you. Some of them are not easy to find, so keep an eye out! If you see a diagram or a note, remember it or jot it down, or it will come back to haunt you! Pay attention to all details, and good luck!


This is a great learning game for any age group. I did not find any objectionable content.

Final Thoughts

The game comes on two CD\'s. There are two installation options. You can do a minimum install of 14MB and switch CD\'s often or you can do a full install of 650MB and just require the 2nd CD. The only problem I encountered was that some of the audio and visual files didn\'t copy over with my full install. After I put them in place the game ran flawlessly. It\'s Macromedia based so the interface is fairly easy to use. My other complaint is the screen resolution. The game requires 800x600 resolution, however you must manually set it. Those of us with big monitors prefer games to adjust the resolutions and change it back when done. The graphics are typical to the genre, most of the game is still images. But the graphics and detail in the levels are still quite good. The sound effects and background music are fitting. There are noises for any movement you do and any object you interact with. If you like puzzle games, like or want to learn more about physics (or know a kids who does), I am sure you\'ll be happy with this game. It\'s $19.95.

Final Ratings

Graphics B- Game play B Sound B Interface B Stability B- Offensive Content A+

Overall 83% B

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