System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP CPU: 166mhz AMD/Intel processor RAM: 32 MB HDD: 4 MB CD-ROM: 4X VIDEO: SVGA SOUND: 16 bit compatible sound card Ages: Everyone
Linus\' grandma is coming to town and she doesn\'t like his blanket. Charlie Brown suggests hiding it but Linus knows she\'ll find it at his house. So Charlie Brown offers to keep it at his house. The blanket disappears! You can play as Lucy, who wants to find it so she can get Linus in trouble by his grandma. Or you can play the game as Charlie Brown and try to find the blanket to keep his promise of safe guarding it. When you launch the game, you have the option of playing it in English or German. This is an adventure mystery game, so there are many logical puzzles for you to solve. You are looking for a blanket, so you will be exploring your house, and many other places for clues and objects that will help you later on. Snoopy will help you multiple times throughout the game. There is a Snoopy meter in the game to tell you how Snoopy is feeling. You can keep him happy by keeping him well fed and cared for.

What will I learn?

Throughout your blanket quest you will be interacting with many of the Peanuts characters for clues. Often times to get the clues you must complete a puzzle to help them out. There are many skills you or your child will learn from playing this game. Here are a few: * Logic * Math * Music * Mouse Coordination * Puzzle


From a Christian standpoint, this game is just as clean as the cartoon series. The only thing worth mentioning is that Snoopy will wear a wizard hat making him the Great Houndini. The Great Houndini will look into a crystal ball and offer you a clue for your journey. I really don\'t have anything bad to say about this game, it\'s real cute.

Final Thoughts

The game is easy to install and maneuver around. The characters go over the interface multiple times so kids should get the hang of it quickly. My only complaint with the interface is when doing the puzzles. When you choose the difficulty, you are locked into it. You can\'t make it easier or harder without restarting that level. There are two installation modes. By doing the minimum installation with a 40X CD-ROM, I noticed the voices were cut off on several occasions. The music and voice acting was very good otherwise. The graphics and animation are just like the cartoon. Nicely done. The game ran stable without any lock ups. Overall it was a pleasant experience playing it. When playing between Charlie and Lucy, the goal is the same, but their motives are different. Your child may learn a thing or two about relationships as well. I recommend this game for any child.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play A Sound B- Interface A- Stability A+ Offensive Content B+

Overall 88% B+

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