System Requirements
OS: Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 98, or Windows 95 (NT is not supported) CPU: 300MHz Intel Pentium II or AMD K6-2 processor RAM: 32 MB RAM HDD: 100 MB free hard disk space plus space for saved games (additional space required for Windows swap-file and DirectX 8 installation) VIDEO: 16 MB direct 3D capable video card SOUND: DirectX 8 compatible sound card

NHL 2002 by EA Sports is by far the best hockey game that I have ever played. It is a must have for any hockey fan. You can play in several different modes, including a full season and a tournament mode. You can also form an online league and play a full season with others on the web. What makes this game so much fun to play is the between play animations. There are some for just about every kind of situation you could imagine. For example, if you make an awesome play, it will show your player then a replay of that play, or if you have checked an opposing player several times it will show your player talking smack to the other player and show the ref breaking up the fight. It also has player booster cards, Easter egg cards, celebration cards, and cheat cards. You earn them by completing different tasks throughout the game. My favorite card is the baseball slide celebration card. When you score a goal you push a button and a player does a slide across the ice like he is going for home plate. You can also import you picture of yourself and make yourself a player (this has been a lot of fun).

Another feature that I have just started doing that is kind of neat is, you can import your own MP3 files that will play between periods and while the game is stopped.

The game is very easy to learn how to play. The only thing I really don't like is that the defense is kind of lacking. Just like any other hockey game that I have played, passing the puck can be frustrating because the puck doesn't always go to who you intend it to.

The graphics in the game are just short of incredible. The best I have ever seen in any game I have played. The only thing is that they can be kind of choppy, not enough to disrupt the game play but enough to get irritating at times. I have found that closing as many programs as possible before you play, helps a lot. I read a review in Pc Gamer about this game not to long ago and he had the same problems, and he has a top of the line PC.

The sound effects in this game are very realistic. Especially when a player gets checked into the boards really hard.

From a Christian stand point, I don't feel there is any thing wrong with this game, there is some fighting (which you can turn off) and there a plenty of body running into each other. Which you can consider violent or just part of the game of hockey.

I was having problems figuring out how delete a created character and the instructions did not say, so I e-mailed EA Technical Support and got an e-mail back saying that it wasn\'t an technical issue and they couldn\'t help me, and that I needed to call their hint number. You know that those things cost money and I feel that since it wasn\'t printed in the instructions how to delete a character that this was a technical issue. Needless to say that made me mad, but it will not stop me from buying future hockey games from them. Unless another company comes out with a hockey game for the Pc and it is better. Overall I would highly suggest this game to anyone, and If you are a hockey fan and do not own this yet, you must, Leave right now and go get this game! GO RED WINGS!

Final Ratings

Graphics A+ Sounds/Music A+ Game play B+ Interface A+ Stability B Appropriateness A-

Overall A

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