Publisher: Ubisoft Producers: Cyan Counsels: PC and PS ESRB Rating: E


-No Violence (-0 pts) -No Blood (-0 pts) -Body parts can be visually unattached (-1.5 pts) (You can find a head in one of the boxes.) -Minor Swear Words are used once or twice (-2 pts) (Devil is used as a swear word once in the game.) -No sexual dialogue. (-0 pts) -No Nudity (-0 pts) -No Sexual Content (-0 pts) -There is no occult or supernatural environment in the game. (-0 pts) -There is no occult or supernatural in the game. (-0 pts) -No authority issues involved with this game. (-0 pts) -No prejudicial bias in the game. (-0 pts) -No gross humor in the game. (-0 pts) -Good value decision making is required to progress in the game. (-0 pts)
Note: I don?t know what part this would fall under, but in different parts of the games you can find torturing devises, and drugs in different places, but you don?t see any of them used or use them yourself.


This game is played in 1st person. You only need to use the mouse to play this game. You point where you want to go and click. What you mainly do in this game is solve puzzles. This game is like a bunch of pictures you can interact with. There are six ages (or worlds). The first one is Myst (Which is what the game is named after.). It?s a small island that has a ship that doesn?t sail, a spaceship that doesn?t fly, and a clock that doesn?t tell time! It also has a small forest and a few buildings. From here you get access to all the other five ages. Stoneship is an age that has well, a big jagged stone and a ship! It also has a lighthouse. You don?t exactly show up at the most inviting weather, so you might want to find a raincoat! Channelwood is a rather odd place. As far as you can see this place is just covered in water with exception of one small (about as big as a garage,) piece of land. Out of the water are growing these enormous trees. Thank goodness someone made al these bridges that allow you to get to places without swimming. Houses are built up in the top of trees (Ewoks anyone?). Mechanical age is made up of five parts. There is one big fortress in the middle and four small islands surrounding the fortress. As you might have guessed, there is some mechanical work involved in getting through mechanical. This next age is never actually named in the game, but I think I got its name from an outside source. Its name is senetilic (I?m not positive on the spelling of it!). It?s an age that rather seems to have gone bad. This place is rather hard to describe, so I will let you check out the screenshots of it. The last and final age is Earth. The exact spot is K?veer.


To rate any game on graphics you must consider when it was made. This game was released in 1991, and most of the people who will read this more than likely weren?t even playing video games back then. So considering the times, I have to say that this game cakewalks a 10. If you look at other games made in 91 there is nothing close to this level of graphic detail. Of course today everyone thinks the graphics for this game are cheesy (Because they are today!), but back then, this was the graphic wonder of gaming.


Once again Myst easily cakewalks this are. There is plenty of ambiance sound, and each object in the game has its own individual sound. Now to the music. Each age has at least one piece to it. So unlike Mario, you won?t here the same two ore three songs over and over again. The music was done by one of the creators of the game Robyn Miller. And once again you must consider the times. Although it may not stand up to the regular mini orchestra most games get to work on their games, back then other game creators probably thought it was overkill.


Unless you are trying to run this game on a very old computer (like before 92), I don?t think you should have any problems. I recommend getting the 10th Anniversary edition. It?s in DVD format, so you will need a DVD drive in your computer to play it (And no it won?t work in a regular TV DVD player!). I never found any bugs in this game, and I don?t think there should be any, considering how many times they have republished this game.


The controls are simple, you point at where you want to go, or what you want to interact with, and click. There is no menu, you just have a File tab that you can click that allows you to save, load, and quit. Note: by default it saves your save games in you?re my documents folder, so make sure you don?t delete them when cleaning your old files.

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