I haven\'t played the original Mech Warrior. But I have played Mech Warrior 2 and found it fun. So I was looking forward to playing this game. It has the same plot, basically you are a mechanical warrior and you must blast all others into bits using missiles, lasers and guns. The graphics are wonderful, there is a lot of detail and cool explosions. The interface has a nice look and feel to it. Configuring the controls is easy to do and highly recommended, there are a lot of actions in this game. The game play is great and the missions are fun. I have nothing bad to say about this game, it\'s very fun. I enjoy playing both mission and multiplayer modes. This game is easy to setup. There are some patches available for it. The graphics are great, both 3DFX and D3D support. Sound effects and music are good. It has great force feedback support. Great game play for single and multiplayer. I only multiplayed over a LAN, I have heard that networking online can be buggy. I heard of some cases where the opponent can disappear. I think that might be fixed with the patch though. Mech Warrior 3 is great and I would highly recommend it.


Appropriate 5/5 Interface 5/5 Game Play 4/5 Music 4/5 Graphics 5/5 Stability 3/5

Overall 87%

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