In all honesty I have not played the first Mech Commander, so I did not know what to expect. I have high expectations for Microsoft games, and this one did not let me down. This is not like Mech Warrior where you control a mech from a first person perspective. Instead you control an army of mechs. There are mission objectives to complete. You have to combat opposing mechs, destroy or take over buildings, but don\'t forget you also have to take care of your team. If you get wounded in battle you can call down a repair ship, but it\'s not cheap. Like Mech Warrior, you can customize the mech, such as their weapons, armor, even the pilot! When you complete a mission you get metals, and if you do real good you can upgrade skills. All in all this is a fun game! This game is pretty clean. This is a war game so you have to blow things up, but there is no blood. You usually destroy buildings or other mechs. The game is easy to play, it has a nice interface. It installs fine. It ran well in Windows 98, but in Windows 2000 it blue screened on me twice! Graphics are good, nice explosions. 3D acceleration is used. The sound effects were good, nice explosions. The game play is fun, and I look forward to the multiplayer which will be available in the final. I would definitely recommend this game.


Appropriate 4/5 Interface 5/5 Game Play 5/5 Sound Effects 4/5 Graphics 4/5 Stability 4/5

Overall 87%

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