System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 2000. CPU: 233mhz AMD/Intel processor RAM: 64 MB (64MB recommended) HDD: 150 MB VIDEO: 4MB DirectX 7 compatible graphics card SOUND: DirectX 7 compatible sound card
This is a fantasy and strategy game all in one. Magic is used often to help your army, but you need to have a good military as well. You are a race of immortals called the Kohan. They used to reign the world of Khaldun. But now struggle for power. There are different Kohan heroes you can play to help figure out what happened to the Kohan race and how to bring them back to power. The Kohans are immortal, they don\'t have an eternal death. Instead they go to sleep. If you lose in a battle, you have to pay to be re-awakened. Like most strategy games, you have to manage resources. You need to collect gold (from taxes), iron, and wood. Towns are not as detailed as I am used to. This whole interface is different, but easy to use. One building represents a whole town. You can expand, repair and destroy towns. It\'s to your benefit to have many towns supporting you. While you are in a town\'s zone, your units will heal and be replaced. There are many parties you can custom create. For example in battles you can choose the leader, who will be in the front line and who will be in the back to support. For acquiring resources you make engineering parties. Be sure to disband them when you are done, there is no need to keep paying for them. In the demo there are many tutorials. They teach you how to use the interface, build towns and use resources. The tutorial will explain the basics of battle. There is also a campaign scenario where you get to control two parties to wipe out enemies that are taking over. The final game looks promising. There is multiplayer, for up to eight people. You get to choose between forty units for battle. Magic is used so there will be many spells available to help you in battle. There are patches available for the final. From a Christian standpoint, there are battles so there is violence. There is no blood though. Magic and sorcery are used in the game. Kohan is a pretty clean game otherwise. The game is easy to install. The graphics are good, it doesn\'t use much 3D rendering if any. It has nice voice acting and sound effects. The game ran very stable with no crashes. The interface is easy to use. If you like fantasy and strategy games, this game is for you. I highly recommend it.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play A Sound B+ Interface A Stability B+ Offensive Content B

Overall B

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