System Requirements
OS: Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000 , Mac OS 7.5 CPU: 166mhz RAM: 32 MB, 16MB for Mac CD-ROM: Windows: 6X Mac: 4X VIDEO: 16 bit color SOUND: 16 bit compatible sound card Ages: 3+


In The Tricycle Story, you play the part of Raven, a young one socked little bird who means well but often finds himself in trouble. The game starts off with Raven taking Eddy bears\' tricycle for a (short) joyride before crashing it into a tree. Little Raven does not take full blame for this mishap, it\'s mostly the trees fault for being in the way. Either case, the tricycle breaks into pieces which you promise to reconstruct for Eddy quickly. Throughout the adventure you are given choices for your actions. For example, you can choose to lie or tell Eddie the truth.


There are eight pieces of the tricycle to collect. You have to go to each friend and collect the parts they found. Of course they don\'t just give them back easily. They usually require a favor or a replacement part in order to get the pieces back. These usually add mini games in which you can go back to later if you like the game. Some of the games include mazes and a game similar to cups. (Except with cookies and walnut shells) Here are the pieces you need to collect: * back lights * back wheels * fox tail * front wheel * horn * pedals * steering wheel * tricycle seat


From a Christian standpoint, this game has a good story. Raven is trying to repair the tricycle he broke. Although he\'s not completely honest, he learns the hard way and pays for his actions.


This is one of the few children\'s games to actually frustrate me. :( My biggest complaint is that it crashed every time I played it. To make matters worse, there\'s no way to save or load your game (unless I didn\'t get far enough along to where I could save my progress). So unfortunately I was not able to complete this game. It would seem like you should be able to save your game and just come back to play the mini games. When you first launch the game you have to choose an icon to represent your game. But whenever I exited the game by my choice or by crash, I had to start over and watch the intro scene every time. Other than that the game installed itself twice, I guess it automatically installs via auto-run.

Final Thoughts

This game is macromedia based and the interface is easy to use. The primary controls is the mouse and keyboard arrow keys. There are usually hot spots where you can talk to people or manipulate objects. The graphics are nice and the hot spots are easy to locate. The game would look better on lower resolutions but you don\'t have to adjust to play it. If you are running anything other than 16 bit color you will get a warning message which you can bypass. The sound effects are fitting and the voice acting is decent. The intro can be a little annoying when seen 10+ times though. The story is good and the mini games are fun. If this game wouldn\'t crash on me every time, I would recommend it.

Final Ratings

Graphics B- Game play A Sound B Interface B- Stability D Offensive Content B

Overall 70% C-

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Cheryl Gress

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