In this game you are a bounty hunter and you just received a letter from the king. It orders you to save your town and many others from evil forces. If you succeed, you will retire quite nicely from your dark days of being a bounty hunter. From a Christian perspective, there is just some fighting and violence. You have to kill people and other monsters like rat men. The game is easy to install. The graphics are so-so, definitely dated. The music is good and the sound effects are ok. Sometimes it gets annoying when you are fight a guy and they say the same phrase every time you strike them. For controls you use the mouse and arrow keys. Multiplayer is available. In the full game you can create quests. There is a game editor bundled with the full version. That\'s kind of cool for aspiring RPG designers. It would be nicer if the game had better graphics though. Another thing I found disappointing was game stability. There are a few annoyances, for example the text in the game gets jumbled up and hard to read. The demo also seems to be missing some files. I got a few errors loading files. Other than that, it\'s playable. This game is ok. I wouldn\'t waste time downloading it.


Appropriate 3.5/5 Interface 3/5 Game Play 3.5/5 Music/Sound 3.5/5 Graphics 2/5 Stability 2/5

Overall 73%

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