System Requirements Windows? 98/ME/2000/XP Pentium? III 700 or 100% compatible 128 MB RAM 400 MB HD Space (allows for swap file) 16 MB RAM DirectX?/Direct3D compatible video accelerator card DirectX 8.1 or later (provided) DirectX compatible sound card
Grab your gun, binoculars, and map, and let?s go hunting! The game animals include white tail deer, buffalo, pronghorn antelope, elk, mountain goats, mule deer, grizzly bears, and moose. You have a trophy room that needs more decorating - let?s hop to it!

Game Modes

There are many game modes including Challenges, Free Hunt, Mini Games and User Missions. There are seventy-five challenges, which have varying missions, time limits, limited game tags, and weapon selection. I found the challenges to be the most action packed and fun. To move on to the next section you have to pass the previous challenges. (If you do bad you can also redo a hunt.) In free hunt you can choose your map, weather conditions, animal populations, and starting spot. In this mode you have to be good at tracking animal trails to find anything. The mini games are fun too. My favorite is squirrel bash where you have to air pellet those pesky squirrels. It?s really light hearted and the noises they make when you hit them are cute. The Archery mini game helps you get used to shooting at targets from varying distances and being quick about it. The mad hunt mini game has all of the animals speed up every time you hit them, making it increasingly difficult. That mode is good at perfecting your aim and timing. They can get so fast that is becomes humorous to see them, much less anything else go that fast! The user created mission editor is very complex. So much so that Arush does not offer support for it. You get to select the map (South West, Rocky mountains, Midwest, South, Plains and internal maps). You also control things like the Wind direction, time of day, weather and, if you want, have dangerous animals around. Goal settings include game tags, time requirements, and vital shot rewards. You can allow or limit the guns and gear to equip. Then comes the tedious task of placing possible starting points, individual animals, ambient animals, attractants, check points and trails. Each item has its own set of variables that you can configure. This feature is very nice to have bundled and adds to the life of the game significantly if you are patient enough to make your own missions.

Killing Bambi

When you?re on the hunt you have a limited number of game tags. They are usually animal specific so don?t just shoot anything you see. You will be penalized for killing an animal and not tagging it, so make sure you find all the beasts you kill! There are vital places you can kill animals like the head, heart, lung and spine. I?ve noticed that the game is not very realistic, as I have downed some animals with an arrow through the tail. I?m also quite lethal with my butt shots. If you hit an animal in a non-vital area they will take a little longer to go down, but they will die eventually (loss of blood?).


This all depends on your take on hunting in general. You are playing with guns and there is blood. I like how you are penalized for being careless and shooting animals needlessly. This game is focusing on hunting for trophies rather than food.


The ambient sounds in this game are great. While you?re on the hunt you will hear birds, bugs, and wildlife in general. When walking on different terrains the noise changes appropriately. It really sounds like you?re walking on grass/snow/rocks etc. The menu guitar theme music is catchy. My only complaint on the sound is that even though I was happy to see a female hunter option, the voices are all male.


There is both D3D and OpenGL support for this game. The animals are nicely detailed. The maps are pretty good too. On the ground you can see individual blades of grass but you can also see where the textures begin and end. Following animals can be very tedious and oftentimes it?s difficult to determine a texture vs. an animal track. I?ve noticed some graphical defects on the tracks, as they sometimes showing up as black boxes. Although it makes the tracks easy to find, it?s probably not meant to look like that.


The game is easy to install and ran very stable. The controls are mouse and keyboard. Although I?m not much into hunting I found this game to be very fun. The challenge mode is my favorite but the free hunt is probably the most realistic. There is no multiplayer but the map editor makes up for that. I recommend this game for any aspiring hunter, but you don?t even have to like hunting to enjoy this game.

Final Ratings

Game Play A- Graphics B Sound B- Stability A- Interface A Appropriate B

Overall 84%

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