System Requirements
CPU: 233MHz OS: Windows 95/98/ME RAM: 32MB HDD: 60MB VIDEO: 16 bit color Direct X 8 compatible SOUND: 16 bit Direct X 8 compatible Age: Everyone
This is a free CD-ROM that came inside my box Kelloggs Fruit Loops with Marshmallows. So naturally I decided to play it and ultimately write a preview on it. The cereal is pretty good too in case you\'re wondering. If you have no interest in trying this cereal you can also play this game with Shockwave on Disney Interactive\'s website.

What are the different Game Modes?

In the preview you can do the Trick Tutor or the Shred Session. You must first choose and customize your character. You can play as Goofy or his son Max. After you select your character, make them look hip or clash by choosing their pants, shirt, shoes, and safety gear colors. The Trick tutor is really helpful and shows an example of the move and has you repeat it. The controls or keys used are displayed for you on the upper right hand side. After you have mastered your moves, it\'s time to do a shred session. In the Shred Session you have a variety of items to collect (coins, newspapers) and obstacles to jump over. You\'ll complete the level once you have completed all your objectives. There is no time limit.

What are the moves I will learn?

There are many moves in this game, the tutorial covers these and you will learn more as you go along! * Ollie * Manuals * Flip Tricks (Nose, Heel, Kick, 180) * Rail Slides * Melon Air * Nose/Tail Slides * Nose/Tail Grabs * Combos

What\'s in the full game?

The demo only has one level and one world you can play in. The full game will offer many! Not only that, many more moves will be unlocked for you to learn. You can learn tricks like Japan Air, Impossible, Dark Slide, Smith Grind, 360\'s and 540\'s etc.


From a Christian perspective, this game is pretty clean. The rock style music is fitting for the skating theme. When Goofy falls it\'s pretty light hearted and there is no blood.

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was easy to install and configure. The menu system is easy to navigate which would be ideal for kids. For controls you can use keyboard or joystick/game pad. My biggest complaint is that the joystick movement was awkward in the game. I know it\'s not my joystick, the keyboard may be easier for some. The graphics use 3D rendering if you have it. The detail is purposely cartoony which is to be expected from Disney. Anti-aliasing makes it look a lot better! The background music is fitting and the voice acting is the same as the cartoon actors. Goofy\'s voice can get a little annoying but I am sure kids don\'t mind. Over all this is a cute game. However I thought that the control system in Tony Hawk\'s version was better. Thus making it more enjoyable.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B Sound B Interface B- Stability A Offensive Content A

Overall 82% B-

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