Freedom Fighters EA Games 1-4 players For XBOX,PS2,GCN,PC. rated T for violence.
Freedom Fighters is one of the best team-based action games I have played in a long time. If you combine Ghost Recon with Mario Brothers, you will get Freedom Fighters.


You and your brother run a plumbing company. When you get to fix a television personality\'s sink, America gets invaded by the Soviets. Now, you are leading various missions to free the American people. Real schnazzy, eh?


The graphics for this game are pretty decent. Nothing really special, but they are OK. The guns look cool,and you can set a Soviet soldier on fire with a maltov and watch him run around and burn.


When you burn soldiers you can hear them yell. The guns and cars sound pretty cool, and there is nothing like the sound of a big firefight.


The gameplay in this is great. It is like Rainbow Six, except, like Ghost Recon, you do not have to plan. Some of the missions can be challenging. It took me about a week to finish. You can also go back between different levels, and what you do in one level effects the other one.


Now, to the important stuff. This game is violent, but you are fighting for your country, and killing Soviet invaders. There is no blood,which is good. There is very mild language, but nothing much. I reccomend this to anyone who wants to have somthing to do for a week.
Story A Graphics C Sound A Gameplay B- Appropriateness C