System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME CPU: Pentium(r) II 400 or 100% compatible RAM: 128 MB HDD: 650 MB VIDEO: 16 MB DirectX(r) 3D Accelerated Video Card SOUND: DirectX compatible sound card
I have never hunted before, so I don\'t know how accurate this game really is. I am guessing it\'s pretty good because this is Deer Hunter #5. There\'s a lot to it, and it seems pretty detailed, so I can understand why it\'s popular. The game it self is not that hard. You\'re a hunter and you have to shoot deer. Your goal is to get good looking trophies. (Deer with big antlers) You start the game by choosing your hunter. The demo only offers one selection. After you choose your hunter it\'s time to get your gear. In the demo, you can\'t add to the default selection. You get a gun with a scope, ammo, binoculars, a deer whistle, wood scent (make you less detectable), a map, and finally your hunting license. You then choose your map. Again you only get one choice. Finally and most importantly, you choose your location. This makes all the difference on how successful you will be. If you find that you\'re nowhere near deer, you can move around the map by boat or by a 4 wheeler. You must keep track on where you leave them! After you get your gear and choose your location, it\'s hunting time! You hunt from dawn to dusk. Time flies pretty quickly, every second is a minute. From here on out it\'s skill and luck. It takes skill to sneak up on the deer and bring them to you, and luck to find them. If you\'re like me you won\'t find them every time. If you\'re stuck, there\'s a nice little tip button that gives nice tid-bits of helpful information. From a Christian standpoint, you are hunting and killing deer, not people. There is little blood. Nothing wrong with the game. Animal rights activists may not agree. I can respect hunting as long as you eat the animal. :) The game was easy to install. The graphics were good, they are 3D rendered. The music was nice, kind of Southern twangy. Sound effects were good. There were bird calls, deer calls and other wilderness noises. The interface was pretty easy to use. By default you can use the mouse and keyboard to move around. It looks like there\'s joystick support but it will be available in the final. The game is not designed for Windows 2000, but it will run. It did crash to my desktop once. I noticed that there is a patch out for the final. Multiplayer is available in the full game. Also in the full version, you will have more weapons and items available like cross bow and other scents. Overall this is a fun and challenging game. Hunters will especially appreciate the game with all the detail put into it.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play A Sound B+ Interface A Stability B Offensive Content B+

Overall B+

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Cheryl Gress

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