System Requirements Minimum: 650 MHz, Pentium? III or comparable Microsoft Windows? 98SE/ME/2000/XP 1,35 GB of free hard disk space 128 MB RAM DirectX? 8.1 compatible sound- and 3D graphic card (32 MB) RATING: Mature (17+) Blood,Violence
This game will send you into a late night with ease. The content is strong, the guns are big, and the action is unceasing.


One word, WOW. This game probably contains close to the best graphics I ever have seen to date in a shooter. The light effects in Chaser make it stand out greatly, and the characters movement is flawless. Your character will whip out his gun and put it up in front of his chest with the coolest styles. For instance, he may throw it in the air, catch it with a bent palm and flip it into his arsenal. Birdies fly, helicopters hover and sway, and the graphics wont even chug, it is amazing. Shooting at someone when they are against a wall will show blood spurting towards the cement behind them. Leaving a dripping mixture of solid and plasma.


No, as stated in the description above, this game has a very, very violent reality. Purchasing this one for little Tim would be a HUGE mistake. Unless your 14 year old has a very mature nature, Chaser will not even be right for him/her. This game has some very simple short dialect such as \'I kill yah!\' \'Revenge!\' \'I\'m Wounded!\' Chaser is a Good Guy Vs. Bad Guy theme. There are government officials trying to crack down on the law breaking drug dealers.


There are twelve guns in the chaser demo. About 9 of them are real replicas of the actual thing. The reloading sequences are even the same as real life. Lets just say the people who made this game did their research. But don\'t clap for them yet, Chaser could defiantly use mines and more high-tech sci-fi guns.


This area of the game lacks ambient sound. Now for the positive comments. The sounds of the shooting guns are the actual sounds the guns make in real life. Also, sounds made by the character are cool. For instance, leaping onto ledges, walking on railings, but no ambient sounds like birdies or mice.


Good controls, I would suggest using the \'AWSD\' keys for control, as apposed to the natural < ^ >. I do not like the fact that you have to crouch and pull your legs up into your chest for large jumps. The controls themselves are very generic, a child could figure them out, but I wouldn\'t put a child on this game to figure them out in the first place.


*Insert Holy Blessed sounds here.* If you wanna talk about fun, this game has it contained on the 2 multi-player maps that come with the demo. The secret areas you can access are intriguing and the sniping posts are utterly fun to shoot from. With only two multi-player maps provided in the demo, this game has supplied me with much enjoyment. The weapons are cool and real, the players you team up with to get the bad guys are real, and the graphics...*Insert more Holy Sounds* are indeed...real.

To sum it up:

The graphics will blow you away! The sound will leave you hangin\' on a ledge. The controls will convince you to keep your keyboard and mouse....and the Multiplayer mayhem will zip the bag up on a good game, that will provide adults with many hours of suspense. Of course the game has violence, in a very real way, the guns will be familiar, and those same old drug dealers will be back to challenge you. I would recommend this game to those old enough to handle the heat.


Graphics: A++ Sound: C Controls: A- Offensive Content: D Multiplayer Action: A+

78% (The Sound and content killed this one)

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