System Requirements
OS: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP CPU: 750Mhz?? HDD: 15MB VIDEO: 3D graphics card? SOUND: DirectX 9 compliant AGE: Everyone


This game is very much like the original Asteroids game. The goal is to shoot down all the enemy ships without getting hit yourself. In the single player mode you aim and fire with your mouse and you move around by pressing the right mouse button. There are thirteen different game types including multiplayer death match!

Game Types

* Normal Game: hoards and hoards of enemies attack, you get motherships and more as you progress. * Onslaught: Individual enemies attack. The goal is to survive as long as possible. The Eschelon Attained measures survival time. * Asteroids: Classic asteroids but with gigaships, asteroid bases and the occasional other craft * Base Defender: You must defend the base for as long as possible. * Arena Ascent: You choose one enemy to face and face level after level of that same enemy, growing in number and speed of appearance. * Target Arena: Fifty enemies of your choice appear. Destroy them and gain a high hit percentage or just freshen up with a little target practice. * Minefield Melee: Two player deathmatch in a minefield. * Asteroid Dogfight: Two player deathmatch in the middle of an asteroid field.


Yes you can play against a friend. One player uses the mouse and the other uses the keyboard. There is no internet game play.


Nothing wrong with blowing up wire framed ships. This game is perfectly clean although it\'s not officially rated by the ESRB.

Overall experienceEase of use

This game is fairly easy to install and play. Just extract the files the directory of your choosing and launch the executable. It doesn\'t add any shortcuts so remember where you put the game! The graphics are very simple. They remind me of my Commodore 64 days. In fact, you can change the background colors of the game to blue, green or whatever you feel like. I was surprised to see that they recommended a 3D card, I\'m sure a 2D card can handle it. I also doubt a 750Mhz processor is needed as well. The sound is pretty basic. There is no background music. Just noises when you fire and ships explode. Stability wise I didn\'t encounter any problems. If you like classic arcade games and want to run them on your system, check out Cornutopia studios and their games. $12 is a fair price and the multiplayer and different game modes make this game worth checking out. There\'s a demo that\'s 1.47MB on their site.

Final Ratings

Graphics D Game play B+ Sound C Interface B Stability A Offensive Content A

Overall 73% C-

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