Graceworks Interactive sets an shining example for all other video game development companies to follow with their recent release of Interactive Parables for the PC (Personal Computer). Set in the first person mode; meaning the screen is what you would see if you were actually there. Thankfully there is no shooting, so do not confuse this game with a FPSer (First Person Shooter). The gamer will walk, run, slide, jump, fly, use armor, and stealth to progress through the twenty different game levels. The game also accurately represents twenty-four parables of Jesus Christ. Interactive Parables properly mixes up the gameplay with answering questions related to the parable being played. There are a myriad of different places to answer questions ranging from gold stars to computer controlled characters. Violence category covers 1/5 (10 pts) of the final grade. There is absolutely no violence in this game whatsoever. The player can fall into pits, and when that occurs the game pops up a black screen with the word ?Oops? on it. There are also giant shoes that can step on your character, however the same screen comes up. There is no blood or gore in this game. This category scores a 10/10 points. The Language category covers 1/5 (10 pts) of the final grade. There is no foul language in this category. There is no sexual dialogue. There is no nudity.

The language of this game is the historically accurate and proven Holy Bible, along with related questions. This category scores a 10/10 points. The Sexual Content/Nudity category covers 1/5 (10 pts) of the final grade. There is no sexual content in this game whatsoever. There is no nudity in this game either. This category scores a 10/10 points. The Occult/Supernatural category covers 1/5 (10 pts) of the final grade. There is no occult or supernational settings in this game. The occult is not used by the player. This game is good clean, wholesome, family friendly fun. This category scores a 10/10 points. The Cultural/Moral/Ethical category covers 1/5 (10 pts) of the final grade. There are no issues with authority in this game. There is no prejudice in this game. There is no examples of gross humor in this game. In fact I do not remember any instance of humor in this game. Good value decision making is required to progress through this game. This category scores a 10/10 points.


I found this game to be a lot of fun. I was able to quickly get into it, and enjoy the game. For those worried about not knowing the parables of Jesus Christ, please note the game has each parable liberally placed throughout the levels. One of the true marvels of this game is the flexibility right from the start. All twenty four parables are accessible, as are all twenty game levels. Some game levels are easier than others. There is no multiplayer in this game; however this game reviewer does not consider multiplayer important. I gave this category a 19/20 points.


I personally found the graphics to be pleasant, and very passable. This is not going to be the top of the line in graphics. I am probably more forgiving because I know the game developer is a small company. The painting on the walls looked nice, as did the large golden stars, and the characters you interact with. Objects in the distance look proper. I gave this category a 7/10 points.


The detail in the levels is nicely done, and there is a lot of diversity amongst levels. There is no voice acting in this game. The questions can be read to the player by one voice. Interactive Parables has music throughout the levels, and sound effects for successes and failures. The music is pleasant, and the reward music for beating a level is perfect. Some different music to choose from would have been nice. I found no in-game movies. The different in-game puzzles will have you approaching different areas in a different way in order to solve them. Music can be turned off, just as the voice reading the text can be turned off. I gave this category a 7/10.


I did find a bug in the game with getting stuck in one level. The game designer was notified and is working on a patch. Other than that one bug the game is extremely stable. I gave this category a 3/5.


Interactive Parables menu system is easy to use. The controls are simple, and the learning curve is pretty quick. I did not find a way to customize the controls, however since they were designed so well they are not an issue for this reviewer. The version of the game I used did not come with a cheat sheet. Pressing F1 inside the game brings up the help screen that has a screen that shows the controls. If you have played any first person games before you should have no trouble figuring out the controls on your own (as this reviewer did). I have this category a 5/5 points.

Bonus Points

This game promotes the importance of family values. (+3 points). This game shows the consequences of evil and/or messing with the occult. (+3 points). The story in this game delivers a good moral lesson. (+3 points).


Gaming Score Gameplay: 19/20 Graphics: 7/10 Sound: 7/10 Stability: 3/5 Controls/Interface: 5/5 Total Gaming Score: 41/50
Appropriateness Score Violence: 10/10 Language: 10/10 Sexual Content/Nudity: 10/10 Occult/Supernatural: 10/10 Cultural/Moral/Ethical: 10/10 Total Appropriateness Score: 50/50 Bonus 9/9

Total Score: 100/100

You can get it at CovenantGames.com.

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