(From Case) Super Strength, Super Speed, Invisibility, Elasticity. These are your powers. Bombs. Bullets. Robots. Lasers. Your enemy controls them all. The only way to survive being the Incredibles is to truly be incredible.
Violence: I could not believe was that the Incredibles was rated \'T\' for Teen. Guess what it was for? CARTOON VIOLENCE! That means comic book or animated violence. Thus the violence was not that intense. There was no blood or gore, and the henchmen fade away as soon as they lose all their health. It could very well be played by kids below 13.
Language: There is even less bad language than in the movie. In fact there is no bad language period. End of story.
sexual content/nudity: Does the fact that the supers are running around in skin tight spandex count? Regardless, There are subtle hints that Elastigirl suspects Mr. Incredible is cheating on her. Also, Mirage\'s outfits aren\'t exactly turtleneck sweaters.
Sexual Content/Innuendo: 8.5/10
Occult/Supernatural: There is no occultic stuff in here unless you consider the superhero\'s superpowers to be magical or that Mr. Incredible\'s rebellion against the law \'...A sin of witchcraft\' like the Bible says.
Cultural/Moral/Ethical: In the game the goverment makes a law banning \'supers\' from using their superpowers in public. Mr. Incredible and his friend Frozone regularly break this law by telling their wives they are going bowling when they are really going moonlighting on top secret superhero missions. But Mr. Incredible faces the consequenses to his actions (eg. His wife and kids nearly dying, getting captured by Syndrome, and losing his family\'s trust.) and, in the movie,finds redemption and apoligizes for what he\'s done. Another iffy issue is that Dash doesn\'t always listen to his mother.
Gameplay: The gameplay is nothing incredible. It\'s an average platformer with a few exceptions, such as the fact that you can switch from third to first person mode as Elastigirl, you can use damaged turret guns and unmanned Velocipods in first person as Mr. Incredible, The Dash levels strongly resemble the 3D Sonic the Hedgehog games(Sonic DX, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes,eg) And the Violet level is very hard and requires stealth. Also you can get a lot of behind the scenes concept art and unlockables. But besides that, there is nothing really unique.
Graphics: For a game that was hyped as having graphics as good as the movie , the graphics were terrible. Had they not advertized it that way it might not have been as seemed as bad, But they did. However, like most Pixar games, the particle effects were excellent and near, if not at, movie quality.
Sound: The sound is great! They got most of the actors from the movie and the ones who weren\'t from the movie sounded great anyway. Each level has it\'s own music all composed by Michael Giacchino (The same guy who scored Medal of Honor)The sound effects are pretty good too!
Stability: There are some glitches, like henchmen can get stuck on certain walls and freeze their unless you hit them again, when playing as Dash and Violet you can get the force field stuck if you fall of the \'tower-bridge\',with certain graphics cards the screen will turn completely blue on parts of the 2nd Dash level, also you need a pretty good graphics card to enjoy it on full detail without it running slowly. But they are not a regular part of the game.
Controls/Interface: There is nothing unique in this department, but the controls are so easy that there is a very small learning curve. The controls are incredibly simple,(pardon the pun), and are completly customizable.On the menus it is obvious it was designed for the console because the mouse is never used for anything except for rotating the camera, and the \'controller rumble\' option is always availible. The heads-up-display varies in meaning depending on who you play as, but it is still pretty quick to learn.
Bonus Points: Due to promotion of family togetherness and working together as a team, it gets a +6 bonus.

Final Ratings:

Violence:8/10 Language:10/10 Sexual Content/Innuendo:8.5/10 Occult/Supernatural:10/10 Cultural/Moral/Ethical:5.5/10
Gameplay:13/20 Graphics:7/10 Sound:9/10 Stability:2/5 Controls/Interface:8/10

Overall Score: 88%