System Requirements OS: Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP CPU: 233mhz AMD/Intel processor RAM: 32 MB CD-ROM: 16X VIDEO: 16 bit color SOUND: 16 bit compatible sound card Ages: Everyone

King Black has kidnapped Chesster the Cheshire rat so he can be the best chess player in the land. It?s now up to prince Fritz and his cousin Bianca to rescue him from King Black?s castle. While attempting to rescue Chesster, you two get caught and are trapped in King Black?s basement. Fortunately there are plenty of chess machines to play around with and learn from.

Game Play

Although there are some flash backs from the previous game, you won?t be completely lost if you start off from this title. The other title taught you how each piece moves whereas this one doesn?t. It will correct you if you try to move a piece incorrectly. There is much to learn and Chester will be there to guide you along the way. Here are some of the lessons you will learn:

  • How to open-You?ll learn various techniques such as bull head, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and King and Queen?s Gambit.
  • Tactics-learn about deflection, fork and skewer moves, attack and protect and to pin your opponent.
  • Learn about and how to capture key squares
  • Chess notation-how to read and write chess notation.
  • Memorization-Play spooky chess to memorize where pieces are, you even have the option to play with invisible pieces!

After you complete the mini games it\'s time to battle King Black and beat your way out! Chester will be at your side to offer tips if you need them.

I\'ve beaten King Black now what?

You can always go back and play the chess machines to refresh your memory. King Black and other characters are there to challenge as well. There is even a mode where you can play against a friend (on the same computer),


King Black is not a nice guy, he\'ll throw some insults your way but nothing too worth mentioning. This game is great for kids.

Final Thoughts

The game pretty much runs off of the CD and doesn\'t require much hard drive space. It?s nice that the game resumes right where you left off (but I would have liked to see the ending where King Black did not whoop me). For movement you just need your mouse. There are twenty-one mini games to go through and with the options to replay characters and friends there is limitless re-playability. The graphics are 2D and are very colorful and cute. There is an option to turn off the cartoon characters and use the standard chess pieces. (This way it doesn\'t look like your playing a kiddie game) Seriously, this game is fun for all ages and it was fun learning more chess tactics. The sound effects and voice acting are good too. There are some annoying voices but I think those were intentional. You can print out a notation cheat sheet and score card sheet. The game also comes with a free 1 year membership to http://www.playchess.com where you can play people online! For anyone wanting to learn chess I would highly recommend this game. It\'s fun for all ages and for anyone who likes games that make them think. The Fritz engine is what powers the computers\' playing moves and it\'s pretty darn good. This is a very good deal for $29.95.

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game Play A Sound B Interface A Stability A Offensive Content A

Overall 90% A-

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