System Requirements

Cubes Invasion requires an IBM PC or 100% compatible computer, with a Pentium II 200 MHz or better processor. Your computer must have at least 32 megabytes of RAM.
Cubes Invasion is a Tetris style game but a little bit harder. As you can probably guess from the title, we?re dealing only with cubes. Most of which are split in half diagonally and vary in colors. The purpose is to line up the like colors. There are three levels of difficulty (easy, medium, hard) and the harder the difficulty; the more you have to line up.

Game Play

There are three different game modes to play. If you just want to match the colors, Super Cube Fall is the one you want to play. As you level up the cubes fall faster. Cube Tamer is a little different, in this mode you level up after a certain number of cubes. For each level up you have to stack an additional block to clear them! Treasure Mania has treasure cubes that you have to free up in order to move onto the next level. This game mode is timed. There is no multiplayer game play, but with the different game modes, there?s plenty of challenges and variety.


Occasionally you?ll get bonus cube and here?s what they do: x2 - doubles the score; x3 - triples the score; Bomb - explodes and removes all adjacent cubes; Colored bomb (revolving spire) - explodes and removes all cubes of the same color as the exploding cube; Diamond - adds extra 100 points to the score; Clock - recovers a bit of time for the player to finish the level; Multicolored cubes - some cubes have one or two multicolored parts. Any cube with such a multicolored part may match with any color of the other cube.


The graphics are 2D and very colorful. The squares are easy to read and line up. (Unless you?re color blind) My only gripe with the graphics/interface is when you level up you get a little character floating up with a balloon, well you can?t see the cubes falling behind him. Kind of annoying, maybe they did that on purpose.


The background music is cute and very fitting. There are a few different songs so there is some variety. The sound effects are nice too.


During game play the game ran fine without any problems, however when I exit the game I get an error message every time.


No problems with this game whatsoever. I highly recommend it to any puzzle game player.

Final Thoughts

This game is very fun and challenging. I?m sure many Tetris fans will enjoy this game. The three game modes add variety and longevity, the price is $19.95 and there?s a demo available as well.

Final Ratings

Game Play B Graphics B Sound B+ Interface B Stability B Appropriateness A+

Overall 81%

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Cheryl Gress

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