ESRB Rating: M for Mature: 17+ Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs My Rating: M for Mature: 17+

Graphics: A-

The Hitman: Contracts engine is merely an updated version of the engine used in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. This is not saying that the graphics aren?t good, but they are not revolutionary for a sequel. There are a few bells and whistles that make Hitman: Contracts stand out from the second game, but not much can be said here. The graphics in the second game were great, and they are the same here, with a few adjustments. Some parts of the game look like they weren?t worked on but for a few minutes, like cars and trees. Cars look really choppy and almost cardboard made, while trees look like they were painted onto the screen. This is where the graphics fail, but its only a slight failure and it shouldn?t hinder the gaming experience of Hitman: Contracts.

Sound: A+

The sound in Hitman: Contracts is flawless. Each weapon has its own sound, that matches perfectly with the weapon. The fiber wire has 3 different types of suffocation methods, each has its own different breathing type. Every NPC(non-playable character) has different reactions and speech. Your shoes make a clapping sound with each touch of the ground, and a louder version while running. Sound is a deep part of the gameplay, adding tension and suspense into the factors that makeup Hitman: Contracts. If you shoot a guard with a gun that has no silencer the surrounding civilians will scream and alert nearby guards, but guards two rooms away won?t hear the screams. The sound within Hitman: Contracts immerses you deeper into the world of a contract killer.

Story: C-

You start out by seeing Agent 47 with blood pouring out of his chest, after presumably being shot. Come to find out, he?s been injured on one of his missions, and he?s now playing cards with the grim reaper. Our only clue as to how he got this way is through flashbacks of his previous missions, which are highly alike the missions in Hitman: Codename 47, just with the updated graphics. There are some new and interesting missions including one revolving around assassinating two brothers at a posh hotel, and another about stopping a Russian arms deal from happening. These missions mildly make up for the other missions that are just re-done versions of the Codename 47 tasks.

Game play: B+

As in all of the Hitman games, stealth is the main game component. Sneaking quietly and avoiding confrontation are things that you will need to pickup fast, unless you like to load your savegames all day. But, you can also decide to use brute force and blast your way through a mission. I do not recommend this route unless you are bogged down in gunfire, but even so, if you are stealthy and patient you will never get bogged down in gunfire. Gameplay fails a lot when you try to blast your way through a level. Once you alert one guard, many more will flow in, and most of the time, if you back yourself into a room the guards will flow in one after another just to meet your guns. But, if you think about it, this game wasn?t made to be a shooter. The stealth gameplay of Hitman: Contracts is genius, and will provide hours of fun as long as you have the patience to play trial and error with the game.

Appropriateness: D-

Hitman: Contracts is by far a very violent and adult oriented game. You are a contract killer, your mission is to kill people. The subject matter of this game should ward off Christians early, but if not, then the sexually oriented missions and drug use will. There is a mission that is set at a fetish party, where there are all sorts of women dressed in very revealing clothing and dancing with men in very provocative ways. When walking through the hallways in this mission, you will find men and women engaging in sexual acts, and women performing for men. Another mission takes place in Rotterdam, where you will explore a strip club, while trying to find a disguise. Within the strip club, nothing is held back. That?s all that needs to be said. Hitman: Contracts is not appropriate in any form, for any Christian.

Overall: C+

Hitman: Contracts is an OK addition to the series. It will most likely be forgotten about when Splinter Cell 3: Chaos Theory comes out. Its mainly go here, kill your target, go there, kill your target, then escape. It will get repetitive after a few missions, and in my honest opinion it is not worth the $29.99. This game is not appropriate for any age nor for Christians.

Final Ratings

Graphics: A- Sound: A+ Story: C- Gameplay: B+ Appropriateness: D-

Overall: C+ Overall Percentage: 78%

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