System Requirements: Pentium 3 - 800 MHz or higher 128 MB of RAM Windows 98/ME/2000/XP DirectX 8.1 or greater

Travel back in time and learn about the story and struggles of Noah. Do you think it was easy getting all those animals in to the ark? Or getting poked fun at by the non-believers of that time. Or how about feeding and cleaning up after the animals? Get a taste of Noah?s adventure in this Christian game!

Game Modes

Hide and Seek:

Try to locate the animals in the Ark as fast as you can. There are multiple levels to look through and the animals tend to wander around a bit. Fortunately your family gives you hints letting you know if they have seen the animal you looking for on their level.

Creature Quiz:

How good is your animal knowledge? In this mode you can quiz your self on various animal tidbits such as: lifespan, weight, height, homeland, diet, speed, defense tactics and why certain species are hunted.

Animal Adventure:

This game mode has two difficulty levels (Easy and Hard). The Easy mode only makes you search for 10 animals and doesn?t require you to collect keys. The hard mode has you gather 24 animals onto the Ark. Of course to get to certain areas, you?ll need to collect various color keys. It?s not just a matter of locating the animals; before each animal goes on the Ark, they want you to bring them a random item. Your inventory space is limited so you must choose your items wisely.


You can use a joystick or arrow keys and mouse. If you don?t want to use the joystick you?ll have to unplug it, there is no way to disable it in the game. Unfortunately you can?t remap the keyboard commands either.


Noah?s Adventures is powered by the 3D Game Studio A6 engine. The 3D graphics are a bit dated but they work well for this game. Most of the animal models look good, but some could use a little improvement. The game runs at 640X480 and you cannot change the resolution. On a positive note, the maps are well laid out and it?s easy to get to the different areas.


The background music consists of mostly MIDI hymns that have been jazzed up a little. They fit nicely in the game. You can listen to them individually in the sound menu if you like. The voice acting is a mixed bag, most of the voices sound decent but there are some that just sound weird or out of place. It seems that a few of the phrases were computer generated and you can easily tell. The sound volume varies a bit on them too. I did like the animal noises and the theme music though.


A+ here, this is a game based on a Biblical story. Kids of all ages can enjoy and learn from this game. There is reference to fighting but you don?t see any.

Final Thoughts

This is the first release from game developer Randall Alaimo. Although it?s still rough around the edges in a few areas it still runs great and is fun to play. The game sells for $13.99 and has a 30 day money back guarantee. There is also a demo available with the Hide and Seek game mode if you want to check it out for free. I?m sure kids will enjoy this game.

Final Ratings

Game Play B+ Graphics C Sound C Interface C Appropriateness A+ Stability A-

Overall 72%

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