System Requirements CPU: 200MHz RAM: 32MB OS: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP with DX 6 or higher
Here?s a puzzle game based on the four seasons of the year. Your goal is to line up three identical blocks either horizontally or vertically. You can flip blocks to change to the next season if it?s next to 2 matching blocks. The snowflake block represents winter, the green leaf is spring, the sun is summer and the red fruit is autumn. There are two game modes for your gaming pleasure.

Game Modes

There is a puzzle and an action mode. In the Action mode your goal is to keep getting matches so you don?t run out of time. If you sit too long, you?ll lose. In the puzzle mode you have plenty to time to think; the catch is to not run out of moves. When there are no more moves to make, the game ends. Both modes have a penalty for clicking the wrong block. So don?t just click and hope to get a match. If you get stuck there is a game hint, which will show you a move you may not have seen.


Your score increases for making each match. You get more points if you do multiple chain reaction matches. After so many matches you advance to the next level. Random blocks will fall to give you more moves to make, but as you advance these showers are not as common. You have to make every move count!


The graphics are 2D, which is fine for puzzle games. The tiles are easy to distinguish and the interface is easy to use and is very user friendly.


Each game mode has one song, which loops after 5 minutes. Unfortunately these get repetitive and it would have been nice if the two songs rotated or if there was more variety. Fortunately, you can turn down the music if you prefer. The sound effects are fitting and add a nice touch. Multiplayer/Online There is no multiplayer or online game play for this game. A two-player mode would have been a nice addition.


I find nothing wrong with this game. It?s fun and safe for all ages.

Final Thoughts

This is a cute puzzle game and it is fun to play. The two game modes are nice but for $20 I?d expect a little more to keep the replay value there. The music is good but there needs to be more variety, especially if you play the game for long periods of time. There is a demo available and I highly recommend puzzle gamers to give this title a try.

Final Ratings

Graphics C+ Game Play B- Sound C Stability A Appropriateness A+ Interface B+

Overall 77%

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