System Requirements Windows 98/ME/2000/XP 3D accelerated video card 32MB of RAM DX 8 16bit sound card

Have you ever imagined racing and Bible teaching going together hand in hand? I hadn?t until I played this game! Your mission is to keep the faith and stay on track. As you?re racing you?ll be asked a question, where you will then have to steer into the correct lane or get bumped off the road. Sounds easy right? It?s not so easy with the hazards, broken bridges and other obstacles disorienting or slowing you down!

What kinds of racing tracks are there?

There are thirty tracks altogether with three different difficulty levels (training, no hazards, regular). The regular mode has the most tracks, 18. There are various 3D themes such as Chess, Space, Jungle, Arctic, and hot air balloons. The training tracks help you get used to steering to the proper lane given situations like true/false, exit if you have the truth, and using the jumping, flying and power ups.

So what are the Bible question categories?

  • 4 Gospel Books
  • John 3:16
  • Lord?s Prayer
  • 10 Commandments
  • Beatitudes
  • 12 Apostles
  • 12 Tribes of Israel
  • In the Bible or Not
  • New testament Books
  • Old Testament Books
  • 10 Commandments in Order
  • Creation Week

So how do I win or lose?

In order to move in the game you need to have faith points. You can replenish them by collecting power ups like bibles, hearts etc. If you run out you?ll lose. Some tracks have money scattered on them, so if you run over the money you?ll lose faith points. There are fireballs that can slow you down, and speed boosts to have you move along faster. Other than the broken bridges, confusion has to be the worst hazard I?ve come across. When you?re confused you don?t know which way you?re going and it?s pretty much guaranteed you?ll fall off the track! You can pray during the race and remove any hazards in your way. Good luck and keep the faith!


The graphics are definitely 3D, and some of the level backdrops are really pretty, but most are plain looking and repetitive. My biggest complaint is that the racetracks are not very clearly detailed and it is relatively easy to fall off or not know where the lanes begin and end.


The background music uses MIDI files. These tend to sound as good as your sound card, so if you have an old 16 bit they won?t sound so hot. The sound effects are decent but repetitive at times. I found the racing horn a bit annoying after a while.


Although this game does not have multiplayer, it does record your fastest track scores. You can make personal goals to beat your previous high scores or to learn all the Bible questions it asks you. This game has a pretty good amount of game play time out of the box.


Racing is pretty clean and we have nothing against learning the Bible. A+ here! If you do get stuck or just want a heads up on some of the questions you can check them out in the hints section of the menu.

Final Thoughts

This game definitely has an interesting and unique concept. I believe if the tracks were easier to make out it could totally improve the game play. Although the game did support my joystick, there is no force feedback support. The interface is easy to use and there are many tracks to play on to keep things interesting. The sound isn?t that spectacular but the game is still fun. This game can be a fun way to learn and freshen up on your Bible knowledge and reflexes!

Final Ratings

Game Play B Graphics C+ Sound C Interface B+ Appropriateness A+ Stability A

Overall 78%

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