Prerendered, but nice. The character models aren't the best, but pretty good. Lip-synching isn\'t perfect since the game came from France, But I defy anyone to find a game with more realistic FMV's.


Hmm... Hard to explain, but I\'ll do my best. You play Kate Walker, A lawyer from New York. To Kate, the Voralberg Factory looks like an easy task, head to Validelene, have Anna Voralberg sign the contract, and back to NY in the morning. But she learns Anna passed away just recently! There's no known heir so this is going to be harder than she thought. As she talks to the notary, she finds out Anna wrote a letter telling him her brother Hans lives! He is in Siberia, and Kate has to find him. On the way she meets Oscar, an automaton who agrees to take her where she needs.


The voice acting is WONDERFUL! Kate's voice is just pefect for her character, and Oscar\'s voice is just great. All the character's voices (even the minor one\'s) fit perfectly. The music\'s very nice, but you'll only hear about 2 in the entire game.


Very, very, very nice. Although some puzzles are just too easy, it makes up for it with extremely hard ones. And like in most Adventure games, you can't die.


I'm really not sure whether to give this a C-, or a D. Sure the graphics are nice, the sound is great, the story, in my opinion, is great, and the sound is wonderful, BUT no game is perfect. There's scattered cursing, and what made me not add minor was the big GD word muttered by Kate herself about half way through the game, they also take the Lord's name in vain several times (One character named Helena in particular). It is impiled that Kate's mother is sleeping with someone named Franck, and Kate's Fiance slept with her best friend. There is also drinking in the game.


If you don\'t mind regular PG-13 movies, you won't really mind this game. Otherwise, steer clear. Although, if you do buy the game, be sure the look in the diary with the ink, I think it was worth my $20 to see someone writing prayers to the one true God in their diary. ;)

Final Ratings

Graphics A- Story B+ Sound A+ Gameplay A- Content D+

Overall 75%

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