The 3-D graphics in this game are fairly realistic. The lip-synching isn\'t perfect but\'s still pretty good. You move frame by frame but I find it easier to maneuver that way.


You start out writing a letter to your dad, your old high school friend, Maya, who is now a reporter, has invited you to come with her to the premiere of Brady Armstrong\'s new movie \'Vanishing Destiny\' while she interviews Brady, while your Maya goes into B.A.\'s dressing room, You here a scream and as soon as you go to the snack bar, Maya\'s gone! You have three days to find her before the theater\'s knocked down...


Voice acting\'s nice, although Nancy\'s a little over dramatic at the end of the game. Music\'s nice, but it creeped me out after a while...


MUCH better than I thought it would be. Most of the puzzles are pretty hard, I needed to use a walkthrough more than once. At the end of the game you\'re timed for three minutes to figure out an unclear map, find a seret passage, find a secret compartment, find one of about 13 keys to use on some door, find your friend, and stop the villian some way. Luckily, there\'s a \'Second Chance\' button that takes you right before the wrecking ball hit the theater.


This game is surprisingly violent, if you forget to use rubber gloves while touching an electric fence, you hear a VERY loud scream that made me jump! There are several ways you can die, but this game\'s in the 1st person so none of them are graphic.

Overall 90%

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