System Requirements Windows Me/2000/XP 1.2GHz CPU 384MB RAM 32MB 3D graphics card 1GB free space DX 8.1 Sound GTR Fia GT Racing Game boasts at being the most realistic racing game out there to date. It uses the same MOTEC Analysis Software that real racing teams use. The physics and sound effects are quite realistic too. Each car has it?s own feel and uses real sound recordings made by that car. So if you ever wanted to hear how a Ferrari or a Lamborghini sounded this game may be for you.

Game Modes

There are three game modes to choose from. Arcade mode is your casual racing game. This mode has four difficulty levels. (Sunday Driver, Weekend Warrior, Speed Demon, and Alien on Wheels). The harder the difficulty the more damage your car can take and the less computer assists. Semi-Pro and Simulation are more like the races you see on TV. There are lots of other racers 20+, you can also adjust the weather conditions etc. It?s pretty realistic.

What kind of cars do I get to race?

There are seventy different racecars to choose from. You can race cars such as the Porsche 996 GT3, Ferrari 575 Maranello, Corvette C5-R, Viper GTS-R, BMW 23M etc. Each has their own feel; some have more control than others, so try them all!

Is it replayable?

Playing against the AI is pretty challenging. There is multiplayer support where you can race against twenty-five of your friends. There is online play as well but when I went online there were only four people online. There are free add on packs that you can get at the GTR website.


The graphics in this game are pretty good. The cars look great and the tracks look nice too. The sky and the trees look realistic. The odd thing is that other details are only 2D. As you drive around the track you?ll see people watching but when you drive close they are completely flat and look like cardboard cutouts.


This game has superb sound effects. Each car has it?s own unique sounds. I really like the techno music and I?m planning on keeping the mp3?s from the music folder.


This game has some issues worth mentioning. For starters the speedometers on the cars are hit and miss for me. This game is geared for Nvidia cards and I?m using an ATI. The game and my drivers are the current version and this problem is still happening. Hopefully it will be fixed with a later patch or driver version. The only other gripe I have is that after installing the game and any updates it requires you to reboot. I have never seen a game patch require a reboot before.


This is a racing game and is completely clean in all respects.

Final Thoughts

I must admit this game seems pretty realistic. Then again I have never raced before so I have no expertise in this area. As a racing game it?s fun and the multiplayer has potential. I just hope to see more people online since it?s always better to race real people instead of the computer. However the computer AI is pretty good as well. I highly recommend GTR Racing for those who enjoy playing and watching races.

Final Scores

Game Play 16/20 Graphics 8/10 Sound 9/10 Interface 5/5 Stability 2/5 Appropriateness 50/50

Overall 90%

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