System Requirements
CPU: 300Mhz RAM: 128MB OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP HDD: 1-500MB Video: 3D DirectX 7 Compatible Sound: DirectX 7 Compatible Age: Teen
Tsunami 2265 you will dip you in one intriguing and winning story, rich of dramatic turn of events. The story is structured in a key game that finds a perfect mix between hectic and destructive shoot\'em up sections and intriguing arcade phases. You will control one of the two main characters, Naoko Hikari and Neon Shima, and with the aid of their most powerful Mech, you will have to reveal the secret that hides behind E.L.EN.A., a mysterious source of energy of unimaginable and untamed power. The game extends itself for various levels with two different game modes: one of intriguing dynamic-adventure, the other full of manic shoot\'em up sections. In those shoot\'em sections in particular, the two characters will pilot massive mechs that every time will introduce new technical characteristics and various types of armament. *

Game Play

You\'ll get to play two characters who each have their own objectives. Ronin Neon Shima seeks revenge against Tetsuo for killing his master. Naoko Hikari is on a mission to restore a stolen source of energy, code named E.L.EN.A. During her adventure she\'ll rescue Neon and they will soon realize they need each other\'s cooperation to succeed in their goals. There are thirteen maps and two different kind of playing modes. Most of the game is spent in shoot\'em up mode, where you are in your armor/mech. You\'ll have your compass to tell you the distance from your objective and it has color coded bleeps for different enemies. You\'ll encounter various mechs, turrets, and other obstacles. The other game mode is called Dynamic Adventure. In this mode you are playing without your mech and are usually sneaking around in a building or underground areas. Even though you don\'t have your armour, you have a pistol. Your compass will still guide you to your objective but it won\'t tell you the locations of your enemies so stay alert! As good of an idea as this may be, I found this mode boring and highly repetitive. You will spend your time looking for numerous keys, access passes, and access codes.


The game defaults to using the arrow keys but you can customize them to WASD or however you like. Different mechs have different primary and secondary weapons. For your primary gun, click the left mouse button. Most mechs are equipped with a missile or rocket, right click to use them. The mech will auto target for you, all you have to do is click to fire and dodge. The ammo is unlimited so that\'s cool.


Although the game comes with a compatibility patch on the CD, I feel it needs more improvements. There are some graphical glitches like missing enemies (see screen shots), and some of the characters are rough around the edges. The game does not ALT-TAB, and has crashed to the desktop on me numerous times. Mostly when I was towards the end of a level :( . One time mid level I lost sound all together. Suffice it to say I think there should have been more debugging before releasing this game.

Don\'t cheat!

Yes there are cheat codes for this game. Other than cheapening the game play, I highly recommend avoiding them. Mainly because the game is very buggy when using them. As soon as you type the unlock code and load your game you can expect your camera angles to be off, and there is no way to correct them. Your movement will be shaky and you can move through objects in your environment too. It\'s practically unplayable!


From a Christian perspective this game is decent. It handles violence pretty well. There is no gore but Neon is pursuing revenge through out the game. There are mech battle scenarios, there\'s explosions but no blood. When something doesn\'t go right for Neon he\'ll say some interesting phrases like: \'Damnation!\' or \'Curses!\' Naoko has a bit more of a temper, she actually cusses and says the D word. With out spoiling the ending I will just say that it is quite new agey and there are many references to mother earth, goddesses and restoring the balance.

Overall experienceEase of use

This game was easy to install. You can choose a minimal install using 1MB of space, medium 250MB and a full install takes 500MB. When you launch the game you can choose DirectX or Open GL. I found the Direct X ran smoother and looked better with my GeForce 4. The look and feel of this game is that of an Anime cartoon. The graphics are cartoon style and the cut scenes are great. The voice acting has some Japanese accents and the music is very anime like. As I mentioned earlier, this game has some stability issues. Other than that, my other disappointment was that there is no multiplayer support. That would have added more value to the game since it has a linear storyline. I am sure anime fans will appreciate this game none the less.

Final Ratings

Graphics B+ Game play C Sound B+ Interface B Stability D Offensive Content C-

Overall 63% D

* taken from http://www.prograph.it

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