System Requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME CPU: N/A RAM: N/A HDD: N/A VIDEO: Demo requires high end video card at least 16MB SOUND: 16 bit DirectX 8 compatible sound card
This is a helicopter war game. You get in your Comanche, target your foes, choose your ammunition and fire away. This demo requires you to have a good video card. I can see why, the graphics are amazing. The demo only offers one single player campaign. The final will have six campaigns and multiplayer. You can play people online for free! You can use keyboard and mouse or joystick. I prefer joystick, I did not feel any force feed back. If you are a hard core gamer, the game offers support for throttle and pedals. No matter what you use, the game is pretty easy to learn. It\'s avoiding getting shot down is what\'s hard. For game play, you are given goals to complete. Some times one at a time, other times, you are given many objectives at once. You may be asked to defend troops or shoot enemies. You will be taking down ground rocket launchers, cars, helicopters, ships buildings and much more! You\'ll be busy. From a Christian standpoint, this is a war game. You will be targeting and shooting many people. It\'s either that or they shoot you. There is no blood though. If there is, you are too high up to see it. The game was easy to install. It\'s easy to learn, and has a nice interface. The graphics are great, nice water effects. It has good sound effects too. However, it\'s a little annoying when you die a lot and hear the commander shouting the same things at you like; Go! Go! Go!. The game ran well in Windows 2000, very stable. It\'s a very fun game and I would highly recommend it. Only if you have a good enough video card though.

Final Ratings

Graphics A Game play A Sound B Interface A Stability A Offensive Content B

Overall A-

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