This is a cute game. It has a console feel to it. The graphics are Super Nintendo quality. You are Akimbo a Kung-Fu hero, your job is to stay alive and fight your way through different types of enemies to complete each level. Some examples of the enemies I encountered were pearl spitting clams and ferocious flies. You can kill them with jumping, spinning, and regular kicks and other Kung-Fu moves! From a Christian perspective, I don\'t see anything wrong with this game. It\'s clean, no blood. The game is easy to install. The graphics are simple, there is no need for a high end graphics card or computer system to run this game. The tropical music adds to the game and the sounds are cute. I like the sound he makes when he dies hehe. There is no multiplayer in this demo. Overall a fun game.

Final Ratings

Appropriate 5/5 Interface 4/5 Game Play 4/5 Music/Sound 4/5 Graphics 3/5 Stability 5/5

Overall 83%

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Cheryl Gress

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