System Requirements
CPU: 400Mhz RAM: 64MB OS: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP HDD: 200MB Video: 16MB Direct3D Compatible Sound: DirectX 7 Compatible Age: Everyone
Grab your axe and fire extinguisher! The firehouse alarm has sounded and you are in a race against time to get to the scene of the fire. Save helpless victims and contain and extinguish the fire before it rages out of control! *

Game Play

The demo allows you to play the role of six firemen from training to retirement. (Blade Jackson, Hot Rod Stein, Spitfire Li, Smokestack Williams, Brushfire Miller, and Savior McDunnin) They all to get to play the same levels, and you can compare finishing scores for each one too. You will go through training where you will learn how to use the controls and your equipment. After that you will then start to put out fires and rescue people from the flames.

How do I put out the fires?

There are many items that you will interact with to put out fires and save innocent lives. You\'ll have your trusty axe to chop up obstacles. If you can\'t chop it, throw it! If you see any fire extinguishers grab them, they will help douse small flames that are blocking your path. To put out the big flames, you need a fire hose and a spout to plug it into. When you\'re in a smoky room, you\'ll have oxygen and goggles to help locate survivors. You have to be quick! Just like real life you don\'t have much time, so pay attention to your count down clock.

What to expect in the full game

The full game will have twelve levels including going to subways, ships, military bases and construction sites. You will get the help of an AI companion to help douse the roaring flames. There will also be varied and unique objectives help to enhance the diversity of the different rescue maps.


From a Christian perspective this game is squeaky clean. I see nothing wrong with putting out fires and rescuing people. It\'s a tough job and somebody has to do it.

Overall experienceEase of use

The game was easy to install. It uses the Genesis 3d Game engine. The graphics were good but could be improved upon. The flames looked great but the water from the hose should be more transparent, not blue. Also when you are chopping up objects with the axe, they don\'t show any damage as you hit them. Other than that they looked fine. The back ground music was nice. After you complete all the levels you see your fireman bust a move and start dancing. It was quite amusing. The controls were pretty standard, the only variance is that you have to click to jump. The game ran very stable, I didn\'t experience any lock ups or glitches. There does not appear to be any multiplayer support but you do get the AI help in the full version. Hopefully it\'s smart. Overall I think this is a fun game and highly recommend it. Best of all it\'s only $19.99!

Final Ratings

Graphics B Game play B Sound A Interface B+ Stability A Offensive Content A

Overall 89% B+

* taken from Makeda.com

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