System requirements
OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, OS 8.1 or later
CPU: Pentium(r) II 300, 266Mhz for Mac
RAM: 64 MB
HDD: 150 MB
VIDEO: 16 MB DirectX(r) 3D Accelerated Video Card
SOUND: DirectX compatible sound card

I must say that this game has one of the best story lines I have ever seen. You have some difficult choices to make and they will help determine which out of three endings you will get. In this game there is a huge plague going around called 'The Grey Death'. You are following your brother Pauls footsteps and joining UNATCO to help spread around the cure. We\'ll that\'s what you think. You will later discover that this government agency is corrupt and is spreading the virus and partially spreading the cure. So you will wind-up working with many groups to help get to the bottom of this.

Some of the groups you will work with include the NSF, (another government agency your brother will switch sides to), the Chinese gang the Triads, French revolutionaries, and the once thought dead Illuminati. You are in for quite a ride. This game takes place in the future so you get some nice advantages. You are not 100% human. You have augmentation, meaning you can upgrade abilities on yourself. Some of these include. Silent running, Radar transparency (not seen by bots or cameras), Healing, Upgraded enemy detection etc. To use these augmentations you have to have enough bio-electric energy. So keep an eye on your level.

To help with missions you can train in many skills. These skills include hacking, lock picking, healing, swimming, all kinds of weapon specializing. There are many kinds of weapons out there to use. You can get electric prod chargers, knives, swords (I like the blue one), pistols regular and stealth, sniper rifles, sawed off shot guns, rocket launchers to name a few. Many explosives available to you as well. For each mission you are given primary and secondary goals. There are many ways you can complete them. You can go on an all out killing spree or be stealthy. You decide. The game\'s view on killing depends on who you hang around with. Your brother is the non-violent type but on the other hand, Anna Naverra is trigger happy. You get to travel a lot in this game. In fact you get your own helicopter pilot. He\'ll take you to places like New York, Hong Kong, Paris even Area 51. Yes you do get to see aliens in this game. Where there are aliens you will find Men In Black. They are not friendly like the movie MIB.

From a Christian standpoint as much as I love this game, I have to be brutally honest on it appropriateness. The worst thing about this game is the swearing. They use about every word imaginable. Given that alone, I would not let younger kids play this game. There is violence, it\'s not bloody though. The most blood and guts comes from the MIB and other augmented humans, when they detonate after you kill them. There is some sexual content. Some females, like goth chicks and bums have just enough to cover their chest. Full shirts would have been nice. Also in a hotel in the game you hear some different kind of action other than fighting. Finally my last complaint is that there is drug use in the game. Not by JC, but he does get affected if you make him drink alcohol. The game was easy to install.

The graphics were good, they use the Unreal engine. The music was great, the GOTY edition comes with the sound track. I made my own with a umx converter. Sound effects were good. Great voice acting, especially with all the accents. The interface was pretty easy to use. By default you can use the mouse and keyboard to move around. The game is not designed for Windows 2000, but it will run. It froze up a couple times, but it didn\'t totally lock my system up, gotta love Win2K. There is a patch out. Multiplayer is available with the latest patch (34MB). There are a lot of neat maps available for this game. I would highly recommend this game but only for a mature audience.

Final Ratings

Graphics A Game play A+ Sound A+ Interface A Stability B Offensive Content D+

Overall B

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