This is a tactical first person shooter. The story goes as follows. Aliens have landed and people are getting infected by an epidemic. When a person gets subdued by an alien they lose control and perception of their environment. Basically they become your enemy. You and your team must stop all this. You can choose your team. The weaponry and items you have access to are great. There are different model guns but they all carry different modes, like sniper, shot gun, laser, rocket and mine launchers. You also get cool toys like holograms. Those are fun for fooling your enemies! There are many modes to choose from in both single and multiplayer. In single player you can do arcade style, or your standard difficulty levels. In multiplayer there is capture the flag, co-op, and two death match modes. Black Box and Crystal. I\'m not 100% sure what you\'re suppose to do in black box mode. But in crystal you have to find crystals and put them in power generator machines. Oh yeah and try not to get shot! To make things even more interesting you can choose between day and night. From a Christian Standpoint, there is violence. you have to kill or be killed. There is not much blood or gore. The game is easy to install. The graphics are great, it has D3D and 3dfx support. The music is good. The sound effects are awesome, you hear birds, grass and bush crackling when you step on or through them. Very well done. Single and Multiplayer game play is great. I wish there were directions on those death match modes.

Final Ratings

Appropriate 3.5/5 Interface 4/5 Game Play 5/5 Music/Sound 5/5 Graphics 5/5 Stability 4/5

Overall 88%

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Cheryl Gress

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