System Requirements
CPU: Pentium233MHZ processor RAM: 64MB Video: 3D card with Open-GL support HDD: 750 uncompressed hard drive space. Additional 100MB for swap. OS: 100% Windows 95/98 or NT-SP5-compatible computer system Age: Mature
In this game, you are John Mullins. A REAL life guy that served in the US army as a \'consultant\'. You\'ll be traveling around the world fighting all sorts of terrorists. The missions will vary from disarming bombs, infiltration, killing enemies and more. The levels are realistic looking, and very detailed. You\'ll find yourself in the desert, sewers, towers, buildings, etc. This game offers lots of missions, guns, and gore! The weapons you get to use are authentic military grade weapons. They vary from Missile Launchers, sniper rifles, Berettas, boom sticks, C4, machineguns, HMachinegun, and grenades. The AI will be challenging because they seem to do a okay job of making a gib soup outta you. This game can be pretty violent; don?t even think about playing this game if you are under 18, or if you don\'t have a stomach of steel. SoF is running on the Quake2 engine with the GHOUL system. It\'s a hit/locate kind of engine, and it is very graphical. This game has 26 different hit locations. For example if you shoot someone\'s arm it\'ll come off, and if you shoot the their torso, you\'ll see their intestines etc. It\'s like Red Faction, but only with humans. If you prefer to play the game with out the gore, so you can have absolutely no blood. Other than the blood and violence, there\'s nothing else wrong with the game. The multiplayer mode is fantastic. If offers a variety of game styles including Capture the Flag, Team Death match, Death match, Assassin, and more! There are a couple editions of this game available (Gold and Platinum), both offer more maps and missions Again, only buy this game if you are 18 and over. You may need to have your parents get if for you otherwise. Activision states the following: Soldier of Fortune is intended for Mature audiences ages 17+. Please keep in mind that there are two retail versions of the game. The full version, which includes a low-violence installation option and the \'Tactical Version\' which has the low-violence lockout permanently activated.

Final Ratings

Blood/gore: A lot more than Quake, RTCW, Unreal Tournament etc. Replay ability: Many difficult levels, plus a great MP mode. For the whole family: No Occult Symbols: None

Overall 88%

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